Niels Harrit: More Evidence for Nanothermite in First Responder Lungs

From The Toronto Hearings DVD.

Case Report: Lung Disease in World Trade Center Responders 
Exposed to Dust and Smoke: Carbon Nanotubes Found in the Lungs 
of World Trade Center Patients and Dust Samples

Kevin Ryan: Experiments with nanothermite

See Harrit's presentation in full here:

Where is the investigative media, informing the public?

Quote from the report: - - "CNT of commercial origin, common now, would not have been present in substantial numbers in the WTC complex before the disaster in 2001. However, the high temperatures generated during the WTC disaster as a result of the combustion of fuel in the presence of carbon and metals would have been sufficient to locally generate large numbers of CNT. This scenario could have caused the generation of CNT that we have noted in the dust samples and in the lung biopsy specimens."

This seems to imply that carbon nano-tubes could have been generated due to 'high temperatures'.

Can anyone explain this?

Could corporate mainstream media - on behalf of the public - consult four or five top international medical experts and get them to look over this report - and explain it to us in lay language?

Will everybody please send a copy of this report to their local media, asking them to get the relevant experts to read and interpret it on behalf of the public?

The Media's Idea Of Investigative Journalism ...

... Is reporting a government press release.

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Sorry to go off topic but I just ran across a web site that contains all I need to know why things like 9/11 happen and what we need to do about it. All my questions and the answers are here. I would advise that any real "Truther" should watch this video.


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Additionally it says...

"Aluminum and magnesium silicates were present in six of seven patients in higher amounts than normally seen in construction workers. Although these may be related to construction material, some of them were in an unusual platy configuration rarely found in our COC from construction workers. Markedly higher levels (> 100,000/g) of aluminum silicate and magnesium silicate were found in Patients C–F."


"The finding of carbon nanotubes in four of seven WTC patients in concentrations ranging from 11,000/g to 230,000/g of wet weight and in four of seven dust samples collected from the WTC site, although unique and important, cannot be construed as evidence for WTC exposure. Likewise, their absence should not be used as evidence of lack of exposure. A retrospective check of specimens in unrelated asbestos cases evaluated over the past 20 years was negative for CNT. Recently, however, small numbers of CNT have been identified in control specimens from the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) at minimal concentrations (Gordon R, unpublished data). These might originate in the combustion engines of automobiles." (My note: What evidence is there that temperatures of this magnitude were present at the WTC in any official report?)

The report also states the dust samples were "generously provided by R. Nolan, Environmental Sciences, City University of New York" I checked the CUNY staff directory and no Nolan of any kind was returned in searches. In fact, the department list on the search form doesn't even list an Environmental Sciences dept. I have written emails to both CUNY and Dr. Wu (the paper's author) to see if we can find out more about the samples and whether some samples can be obtained. I'll report and response here.

peace everyone.