VIDEO: Front Line Report - Stewart Howe

This is a news report from Stewart Howe:

The link will take you to a short video, in which I report from the front lines in the fight for our freedom. It is my audition for a news reporter position at

I really want this job. If you agree, after watching it, that we would all benefit from having me out there full time taking on the New World Order, PLEASE help spread this clip around, rate it up, and boost the view count. No matter what happens, I hope you enjoy it, and I thank you for taking a couple of minutes to watch it.


Well done Stewart.

You are certainly well qualified to do the job.

Even though I have some issues with Libertarianism, I would prefer Ron Paul over the other two "more of the same" candidates.

I like his position on the military and on the all important Federal Reserve.

Stewart fine job

I, too, have issues with Ron Paul. The major overlooked problem is his failure to protect women's rights and the right to choose. He's a religious zealot and that is at the bottom of his stance. Alex Jones and supporters are fine with Paul's position on women's non-rights so that's where we part company.

Stewart Howe "has my vote"

Great job! Enjoyed the hell out of this presentation.
"...and I will see you on the front lines."

Stewart has been a champ over the years...

One of my favorite pieces done by Stewart and friends was this one taking on comedian Bill Maher: (over 380,000 views)

Nice work Stewart! Best of luck.

So that is where I know him from

A favorite of mine too.

This is great, hard hitting

This is great, hard hitting journalism, among the best I've seen. How the heck do you 'vote' for it, can't see a link to vote anywhere...

Stewart has my vote!

Stewart has my vote. He always seam to show up when there is anything related to 9/11 truth going on in Southern California. Those Infowars candidates that are squeamish about 9/11 truth watch and learn from this guy.

Question, was Stewart one of the people tossed from Bill Maher's show? I think it may have been some other "We Are Change Los Angeles" people.

Go Get Em Stewart! Good Luck!

Stewart didn't make it that night in Oct '07. I was the first one out, followed by Katy, Peter and Bruno, with some slightly less vocal members in the audience also. I think the "moo" was Lionel.


It's weird - there's nothing about Bill that would qualify him for being a "comedian." Don't really understand it - also if he had any sense of humor he would have handled you all with wit instead of showing what a foul tempered bully he is. I suspect he's less intelligent than he thinks he is. Great job getting him worked up.

Howe Sweet It Is