Bin Laden Photo Release: We Are Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don't


Brian Romanoff        Nor Cal Truth        Apr 28, 2012 



The Bin Laden saga continues. 

Almost one year ago exactly, Obama came onto live TV late at night to announce that Usama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan raid by US Marines. 

Nor Cal Truth covered the story from the day it happened. 

I still don't understand why we were told that dumping the body was in tradition with Islamic law. I also don't understand why there were so many versions of events out in those early days. Sure, the basic story stayed the same; Pakistan, bin Laden, Marines, raid, 9/11 - but details of shoot-outs (or not), female hostages (or not), an armed bin Laden (or not), who could see what and when (or not) at the White House and other tidbits of info were flipping like a coin at a football game. 

Remember when US Senators fell for a faked dead bin Laden photo

On the matter of a dead Usama bin Laden, many people in the US and the world were unimpressed and even critical of Obama for not showing any photos of the newly deceased bin Laden. 

Freedom of Information Act requests were filed by major Media and lawsuits from other groups were put in motion to gain access to the dead bin Laden pics. Unfortunately, information is not free or available in many cases with our Government - even with legal requests ( no matter what Obama has promised in the past). 

Obama and team did not release the photos. 

Why not? 

It seems that releasing any photos of a dead bin Laden could be a threat to "national security." 

More than just President Obama has said just that. Just recently a US Judge ruled that the pictures should stay private due to "...national security risks...". 

It seems a shame that after 10 years of war and sweeping legislative changes including such heinous laws as the Patriot Act and the NDAA, we still are surrounded by force-fed fear-mongering in order to keep the war-profiteers making their money. 

So here we are with no bin Laden photos - and "threats" to our national safety, credible or not, along with the domestic law-enforcement surges.

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