The 9/11 Propaganda Archive, Part 1

MEDIA ROOTS — A mysterious pair of internet archivists who call themselves 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' started to upload what they claim is 'Part 1 of 40' of American mainstream media print publications from the day of 9/11 and the immediate weeks that followed. They plan to put up full issues of Time and Newsweek that are filled to the brim with blatant terrorist fearmongering and propaganda.

Following 9/11, news media accelerated at an amazing rate, and most companies adopted internet versions of their paper or magazines. Before this was commonplace, many interesting pieces of information from that day were most likely never reprinted again– due to false information or just abandonment by the person feeding the propaganda of a particular propagandistic ploy.

'Part 1' gives us a look at a 'Terrorism Survival Guide,' an actual print magazine which was distributed and sold at grocery stores around the country. We especially like the bio-terror section with the photoshoot of the little girl in a hazmat suit holding a Barbie with a gasmask on. We hope that they continue with this project, it's fascinating to say the least, and possible they will uncover something most journalists and researchers have completely forgotten.

To read Part One: Terrorism Survival Guide visit Media Roots.

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Clearly you didn't bother to even look at the Hancock lecture that's posted. He doesn't talk about aliens, just interesting facts about ancient HUMAN civilizations. Before you attempt to demean the site maybe you should get your facts straight.

Apologies if I offended you Abby ...

I did look at the Hancock lecture and this is what caught my eye:

"Atlantis, the mythical lost island"


Hancock "[lacks] archaeological or scientific evidence for his assertions".

I am someone who values strong evidence and evidence-backed statements and I am wary of myths.

Perhaps I am over-reacting and I apologise if I offended you. I get nervy when I see a phrase like 'lack of evidence' cheek by jowl with 911 critique. Smear by association?

In addition, I confess to getting irritated when I hear Alex Jones's loud, guttural opining. At times he makes sense ... and then he puts his foot in it. He seems to epitomise the worst kind of bullhorn American stereotype. Hey, some like him some don't.

In my opinion, your inspiring website would come across stronger if you stuck to hard, solid facts and differentiated them from Graham 'Atlantis Myth" Hancock and Alex "Hype It Up" Jones. Just my opinion and you are welcome to vote me off if you disagree.


It's called philosophy, which is something media roots entertains if deemed worthy. Not all philosophal notions are rooted in archaeology. In the case of Hancock's interesting theory about ancient Egypt, there actually is historical evidence backing up his claims as explained in the interview, which is why I felt it was a topic worth sharing. Also, the interview I did with Alex on RT is on an important topic regardless of whether or not you are a fan of him, which is why it's posted.

But you are right in that we all have our own opinions and to each his own.


to get the thread back on the subject matter did anyone get a chance to check out the terrorist survival guide?