Petition to revise the U.S. government final report on the collapse of Building 7

Hello fans of 911Blogger,

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago I created a peitition on asking NIST to "Come clean about the free fall of the World Trade Center Building 7".

Without telling me why Avaaz removed the petition after it had gotten 89 signatures in 2 days.

Avaaz still has not responded to me about why they took down my original petition on WTC 7. The original petition reached 89 signatures in 2 days before they took it down. They sent me an automated email claiming it was because my petition violated their Community Agreement / Terms of Use but that was wrong. It did not. Probably some people who don't like 9/11 Truth clicked on the link at the bottom of the page that says, "Report this as inappropriate" and that was why the Avaaz computer (or possibly a human being) took it down.

If you sign and then share with your friends and contacts, we'll soon reach our goal of 100 signatures and build pressure to get the decision we want.

Click here to read more about it and sign:

Many thanks for your help. Avaaz is an organization that should want to help on this.



Mark Graham

I have signed the petition.

Thanks Mark, for this fine effort.
I notice the number of signers is increasing rapidly this morning, now 80 signers as I write.
Steven E Jones

avaaz petition


still climbing

Now 131.

What Happened?

It has been removed again?

It was upwards of 500 signatures last week,

I saw the petition reach up to 800..

.. and ticking along increasingly fast.

I didn't see what numbers it reached before it disappeared overnight.

Email enquiries as to why this second WTC 7 petition has been pulled have been sent to Avaaz but our faculty has received no reply - silence ensues.