AMERICA is NOT a Democracy!

Not a Democracy!
Debbie Lewis,

Columbia MO, May 9, 2012 - We do NOT live in a Democracy...there, I said it! The mainstream media and the news seem to want us to believe we do, but we do not. The GOP and the Democrats would like for you to believe it, as well. In fact, even Chief Justice John Roberts, as Paul Sheridan has so eloquently pointed out, wants you to believe it and our school system preaches it like it's the gospel truth.

People, for the most part, have bought into the lie that we are a democracy and shy away from any notion that takes away what they perceive as their right to make decisions. What they fail to understand is that when we make decisions based on democratic views, rather than follow the law, Our Constitution, fifty-one percent of the people can decide what the other forty-nine percent do. Our forefathers knew the treachery of such a government all too well. That's why they drafted a body of laws from which our country would be governed, protecting our unalienable rights. Our government is actually a Constitutional Republic, sorry Chief Justice Roberts and the scores of American Government educators who teach that we live in a Representative Democracy.

"Many people ask, 'What is it that I'm missing about our government and the law'' says independent film producer Gary Franchi. "I simply tell them re-read and familiarize yourself with Article 1 Section 8 of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Everything you need to know is there, and it is very easy to understand. Why our legislators and media don't get it is beyond me!"

Independent films Don't Tread On Me and Blood of Patriots, produced by Franchi and directed and produced by William Lewis, discuss these mainstays of American Liberty in easy to understand language that specifies exactly why this country's founding was so important.

Don't Tread On Me discusses the importance of individual and state's rights and restraining nature of the Article of Power on our federal government. Guests include a whole host of modern day freedom fighters. From James Lane, Sheriff Richard Mack, and Alex Jones, to Dr. Edwin Vieira, Michael Badnarik and R. J. Harris. From constitutionally minded state legislators like OK State Rep. Charles Key and MO Senators Brian Nieves and Jim Lemke to current Constitution Party candidate for MO State Lt Governor, Cynthia Davis. Many more experts discuss the importance of limiting the federal government and support for the sovereignty and strength of our respective state governments.

Blood of Patriots takes an in-depth look into the historic significance of the Bill of Rights and its proverbial role in shackling our federal government. Research provides the viewer with the thoughts and intentions of our founding generation in writing this major part of legislation.

Both films are non-partisan and focus on the problems with which our country is faced; a power-hungry, tyrannical government bent on stripping its population of true freedom and the ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

"The only part of our 'government' that is subject to 'democracy' is on the local and state level, as well as our election of federal Representatives to Congress. In point of fact, not even our federal Senators were to be elected democratically. They were to be appointed by our respective State Legislators. James Lane discusses the appointment of our Senators and the importance of our state legislators in that selection in Don't Tread On Me," says Lewis. "The majority of our people have succumbed to the rhetoric of the media and our corrupt elected officials. They have forgotten their history!"

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