2-minute video: military/police: reject ‘chain of obedience’ to unlawful orders

hyperlinks and video live at source: http://www.examiner.com/article/2-minute-video-military-police-reject-chain-of-obedience-to-unlawful-orders

Americans have a choice to uphold justice under the US Constitution, honor unalienable rights, and reject Orwellian unlawful orders that kill in the millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of Americans’ dollars (full documentation here).

This choice is for all Americans, and with focused interest on those serving the 99% in US military and various expressions of law enforcement because they have authority to end the unlawful wars and arrest the 1% criminals.

The two-minute video from Waiting for the Storm makes the point.

The other choice is to obey “emperor has no clothes” obvious unlawful arms to commit egregious crimes, destroy the US Constitution’s rights, and support dictatorial government.

The 1%’s crimes center in war and money. The criminals, as always in history, center in government, banking, and media. Massive government crimes of oligarchy must have all three areas in their control in order to make so-called “laws” and order their enforcement, literally “make” money to pay their minions, and lie to the 99% to hide their crimes.

If US military, police, and various law enforcement agents make the choice for virtue rather than psychopathic and vicious domination of the 99% by a 1% and minions, this 2nd American Revolution will simply affirm what was won in the first American Revolution and our US Constitution. That is:

unlawful Wars of Aggression will be seen as such, with those “leaders” violating those crystal-clear limits arrested for War Crimes.
Wall Street and bankster looting in the trillions will be recognized, with subsequent arrests for massive criminal economic fraud.
corporate media “leadership” will be recognized for lying in omission and commission that helped cause millions of war-murders and trillions of costs.

For years, colleagues and I have offered the 1% Truth and Reconciliation in exchange for their surrender. The 1% have so far rejected that choice.

The Chain of Obedience Video