Help Save the Complete 9/11 Timeline: Donations Needed

History Commons, the Web site that hosts the Complete 9/11 Timeline, is currently facing a funding crisis and urgently needs donations in order to stay online.

The Complete 9/11 Timeline is an important resource, which contains a huge amount of information relating to the 9/11 attacks. It includes over a thousand entries detailing the day of September 11, 2001, alone. It has the most detailed account there is of the numerous training exercises taking place on 9/11, and has many entries describing relevant training exercises held in the years leading up to 9/11.

The timeline has sections devoted to the official investigations of 9/11, such as the 9/11 Commission and the various investigations of the World Trade Center collapses, as well as much more.

It is important that the History Commons Web site has the necessary funds to continue. If you would like to make a donation (by credit card, PayPal, or check), click here.

History Commons Fundraising Alert

"Your timeline has been invaluable to me over the years." – New York Times reporter, and 9/11 researcher and author Philip Shenon

The History Commons is facing a financial emergency and we need your financial support like never before. While we have been working to upgrade the Web site and Web application, we have been struggling financially with the costs to keep the site up and running. Without a strong influx of support, the History Commons may disappear from the Internet entirely before the end of the summer. That would be a tragedy, as the History Commons and its predecessor,, has been providing well-researched and timely information for citizen researchers, academics, and investigators for eleven years. receives thousands of visitors per month, but receives a relatively small amount of contributions. The History Commons and its parent organization, the Center for Grassroots Oversight, does not receive money from foundations, corporations, or governments. We are 100% grassroots-supported.

Our initial target goal for donations is $10,000. That will allow us to keep the History Commons alive on the Internet, continue to post new material, and perform critical maintenance on the current application. Currently we are making regular and frequent additions to the Complete 9/11 Timeline (including the Day of 9/11, which is about to receive a large number of new entries), Civil Liberties, Domestic Propaganda, Domestic Terrorism, and the 2012 Elections projects, to name a few. We anticipate beginning an LGBT civil liberties project in the very near future, and we dearly want to expand our coverage of other issues, such as the global economic and environmental crises.

In the long(er) term, we have set a target goal of $100,000 in donations. That will allow us to begin the critical process of upgrading the application and the Web site, a goal we have worked towards for years but have continually lacked the funds to implement.

Please make your tax-deductible donation today and help us remain a viable informational resource for the 21st century. If you cannot afford to donate, please share this message with others. Thank you for what you do to make the History Commons a viable resource for information and citizen activism.

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Thank you so much for your support!

"For serious research, it's hard to think of a more valuable resource than the timelines assembled by History Commons. The material they provide is a welcome antidote to the misinformation and disinformation that has been coming out of Washington in recent years and they are essential tools in assembling a counter-narrative that more honestly addresses the crises we face." – author Craig Unger

The History Commons provides "a richly documented summary of [the Watergate] events." – Salon columnist Glenn Greenwald

"Any researcher, reporter, or scholar with an interest in the war on terror would consider the [History Commons] timelines a bonanza of open source information." – Peter Lance

"The [History Commons] researchers are in many ways similar to the team Scott Armstrong, the former Washington Post reporter, recruited in the mid-1980s to uncover the roots of Reagan's secret Iran-Contra deals." – columnist James Ridgway

"The History Commons is one of the most important and technologically advanced projects of civil journalism there is today." – Daniel Erlacher, founder of Austria's Elevate Festival

"Endlessly informative." – reporter Steve Perry

Gave them...



Thanks, Jon. It's an investment in truth and justice, and a big help towards maintaining the site.

A Plea to Listen to a Plea

Ever since Paul Thompson began the 911 Timeline, to everyone who would listen I have called it a work of genius and one of the most brilliant uses (if not THE most brilliant use) of technology to further the free flow of information in the age of the Internet.

Among its many amazing qualities I would especially like to mention how the 911 Timeline manages to use corporate controlled media disinformation against itself to undermine its not so subtle attempts to censor and control. It does this not by making the usual valid but somewhat tired arguments against corporate media, but by quietly putting the dots close enough together to connect and the contradictions close enough together to spot. No argument was ever so eloquent.

If you have read it, I am sure you appreciate its simplicity, elegance and power (all the more powerful for its editorial restraint and dispassion). Please join me in making a donation.

If you haven`t yet read it, please go read it soon and then make a donation. This cause is important. Please don`t overlook it.

Thanks to Paul and all the editors for years of brilliant, selfless work. Thanks to the History Commons for the same and for providing a venue.

Off to donate.

It's amazing

Here we are with the next important "thing" that faces trouble because of a lack of financial funding (after a few FOIA requests).
In my view, where there are many many supporters of the cause we're fighting for, it's hard to image that the 100 grand that's needed would be any problem to raise.
100,000 dollars, surely a mere 10,000 people could make an average 10 dollar donation?
Apparently that's not the case.
I mean 10 dollars, if you read this, is not all that much. Surely there are more than 10,000 people who can miss (dare I say regularly) that amount of money on what they earn in a month?
Money appears to be a major obstacle in what we face, if only (we can make sure) a little money of all that money we spend each year as a whole would go to the proper causes, like a new 9/11 investigation, but also many other helpful causes (rather than hurtful), I think that could really set us off to a better hopeful looking future for all of us.
So, why would you not donate right now?
And what am I or what are we suppose to think when that (lousy) 100 grand cannot be raised in time, after which the site will be lost? = grassroots oversight

HC is a free tool that members of the general public can use to document and research current events and history, w/o the filters imposed by the Establishment media, government, educational institutions. It's sort of like Wikipedia, but without the censorship and manipulation. It's also more useful than Wiki for discovering important suppressed facts, and for getting perspective on the big picture composed of entities, events, facts and the relationships between these things.

There are numerous timelines and subtimelines devoted to specific issues and subjects, but users can create their own context-specific timelines by searching a name or keyword, which organizes all the relevant entries into a timeline, which, by use of the context buttons, can be broadened or narrowed.

Many highly significant facts have been glossed over or spun in the main text of government reports or buried in the endnotes, or may be ignored by the government and most MSM, but if it's reported by a single credible online source, even if it's buried at the end of an article focusing on something else, HC can use this fact as the basis for an entry, include other relevant sources and facts, link to other entries to provide context, tag it w/ all the relevant entities and it suddenly becomes much more visible - to HC users, anyway.

As one can see from the quotes in the above entry, HC has gotten attention and respect from mainstream investigative reporters, due to its focus on factual information found in mainstream sources. Even when relying on the Establishment's own information, the official stories about 9/11 and many other events can't stand up to 'the facts'.

HC hasn't received govt, corp or foundation support during it's eleven years of existence - and the site has never accepted advertising, either. It relies entirely on the financial contributions of members of the public, and needs to, in order to remain independent. Unfortunately, History Commons has never been good about fund raising, and the income needs to step up - or the site may go offline.

Disclosure: I'm a [EDIT: volunteer] administrator, editor and contributor.

Thank you to everyone who contributes.

Keep up the good work!

I just gave a donation from Germany ...

Make this a 'sticky'?

Might it be a good idea to make this post a 'sticky,' to keep it at the top of the front page over several days?