Holding the BBC to Account over 9/11 Coverage - A Call to Action for the Global Truth Movement

A Call to Action for the Global Truth Movement
Holding the BBC to Account over 9/11 Coverage

Friends of 9/11 Truth,

If you will take 3 minutes today to send a short email to the BBC Trust and MP Tom Watson you will help to persuade the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) to provide impartial and accurate reporting on the World Trade Center attacks in keeping with its Charter and Editorial Values. This is support for a campaign by 3 9/11 Truth activists in the UK. An example letter for you to send and the recipients' email addresses are later on in this article.

We have a unique and potentially powerful opportunity with this Call To Action. The corporate media across the western world is not allowing the full facts about 9/11 to be shown to the public. This is a major reason why the 9/11 truth movement has not yet been successful in creating sufficiently widespread knowledge and political pressure to force the new and independent investigation that we are all seeking.

We have a unique opportunity here to try to break this media blockade through one of the largest and most publicly trusted mainstream media outlets in the western world, namely the BBC in Britain. Unlike all the other large corporate media outlets in the western world, the BBC is largely publicly owned and publicly funded by the people of Britain. Because of this, the BBC has a responsibility to the public and operates according to a legal ‘Royal Charter’ that requires the BBC to provide information to the public in a fair, accurate, impartial, and independent manner. If the public ever feels that the BBC does not meet these criteria on something then there is a formal complaints process for the public which the BBC Trust must adhere to. Through the complaints process, if it can be proven that the BBC has not met the required criteria of its Royal Charter then it must take suitable action to address this. It only takes one major media network to crack a little on 9/11 and the global ripple effect could be huge.

BBC’s Editorial Values promise truth, accuracy, impartiality, editorial integrity and independence, fairness, transparency and accountability. The Editorial Values also require BBC to “ask searching questions of those who hold public office and others who are accountable, and provide a comprehensive forum for public debate,” and to “be rigorous in establishing the truth of the story and well informed when explaining it.”


Over the past few years the BBC has aired numerous documentaries about 9/11 conspiracy theories. These documentaries have mentioned some of the issues raised by the 9/11 truth movement but they have very much been biased towards supporting the official story of 9/11 and they have withheld or misrepresented crucial facts and information that challenges the official story.

Last year the BBC aired two documentaries about 9/11 to coincide with the tenth anniversary, namely ‘Conspiracy Files: 9/11 ten years on’, and ‘9/11: Conspiracy Road Trip’. As a result of these two documentaries, three individuals in the UK, including UK Civil Rights lawyer, Paul Warburton, lodged three separate and formal complaints with the BBC over these two documentaries citing the numerous breaches of the BBC’s Royal Charter to be fair, accurate, impartial, and independent. These complaints have also had some support from several Members of Parliament. These three complaints have now reached the top level of the BBC complaints and investigation process and the three complainants are now requesting a face to face hearing with the BBC Trustees as is their right through the formal complaints process.

What can you do to take action and support this?

If there is significant additional pressure applied to the BBC from others requesting that these three individuals be granted this hearing, then the BBC Trust will be under increased pressure to grant it. So we are asking you to send an e-mail to the BBC Trust saying something like the following:

'The BBC is in breach of its Royal Charter by withholding vital facts and evidence from the public about 9/11 and by providing coverage of 9/11 in a very biased manner which supports the official story despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. As such I support the complaints that have been lodged with the BBC Trust by Paul Warburton, Adrian Mallett, and Peter Drew and support their request to be able to meet with the BBC Trust to discuss this issue.'

Be sure to include your name and city, state and country or whatever you are comfortable including.

Send your message to the following e-mail address:

E-mail: trust.editorial@bbc.co.uk

And just as useful, or possibly even more useful, would be to send a similar e-mail to Tom Watson (House Media Committee for Parliament). In his position with the House Media Committee, Tom Watson is in a position to have significant influence on the BBC. He has been asked to support the request for a hearing made to the BBC Trust, so any additional e-mails to Mr Watson supporting this request would be extremely useful to the cause.

E-mail: tom.watson.mp@parliament.uk

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