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A new investigative documentary exploring the controversies surrounding the assassination of Bobby Kennedy on June 5, 1968 as he looked set to challenge Nixon for the White House. Munir Sirhan tells how his brother Sirhan has never been able to remember the shooting. Sandra Serrano speaks for the first time in forty years about the girl in the polka-dot dress fleeing the scene, yelling "We shot him! We shot him!" And Dr. Herbert Spiegel of Columbia University describes how Sirhan was hypnotically programmed to kill Robert Kennedy

DVD Needed

That's not going to get the exposure it deserves if it's only on a "very long" Youtube... We need to be able to get it on DVD that can be duped by activists and handed out widely. Is that possible, and if not you should make it happen soon.

Otherwise it's just more "preaching to the choir"


came out in 2007. I purchased the DVD in 2007. The DVD is available.This is the first time I have seen the complete film free online.


This is here for US and anyone who visits 911blogger.

If you believe it should be copied and distributed then you make it happen.

Thanks Joe!

I did not know that and thanks for putting it here so i could find out. I'll get one and start doing them. These days It's a lot easier to get folks to listen than it used to be, and i spend a lot of time with other types of activists. For example, here's an Action I covered form last Sunday. 14 arrests:


Here's another must-watch RFK assassination documentary ...

RFK Must Die is a very good documentary, so it's great to see it available in full on YouTube now.

My favourite documentary about the RFK assassination is a 45-minute film, made in 1992, called simply The Assassination of Robert Kennedy. You can watch this on YouTube (it is in two parts):

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvHBFGO5uHI
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPZ8BhODi6o

More information on this film, including how to buy a copy on DVD, is here:

The Assassination of Robert Kennedy was produced by Tim Tate, who was also the man behind Conspiracy of Silence, another must-watch documentary film, which is all about the Franklin cover-up.


This is a deeply flawed documentary that focuses on untenable information. If I could talk to O'Sullivan, I would advise him to focus on the real anomalies of the case, specifically the number and direction of the shots fired in the pantry. That's where the solution lies; not in photos of "CIA agents" who were in all likelihood just watch salesmen. Observations made by my wife S. the researcher... After much debate last night picking through this documentary, I would agree with S.

My understanding

My understanding was that Sirhan Sirhan was a decoy in precisely the same manner in which the air craft plunging into the WTC towers were decoys for the real action--controlled demolition. It was pretty well documented since at least 1975 or before that there was a shooter behind Kennedy, who shot upward into Kennedy's back. All is documented by autopsy. The coroner was Noguchi, who was pressured in a big way to make a fraudulent report and autopsy. He did not bend to the pressure. There are many parallels to 9-11 in the RFK assassination, including a rather obvious NIST-style coverup.


Even as far back as 1975, it was known that there were too many bullet holes, and that the evidence--the bullet or whatever it was--had been tampered with.