LIVE STREAM WORLD PREMIERE "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

Join us as we live stream the WORLD PREMIERE "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

The webcast begins at 7pm PST with a press conference and will go up until the screening starts, and perhaps after as well. Let's get this hashtag trending on Twitter > #911experts

Follow us on Twitter to know when we are going to broadcast > @Visibility911

I was hoping to see this!


Now you can :-)

I'll do my best to cover it. I'm not sure what the venue is like. I'll stick around after as well if people are hanging out.

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sorry about the broken links in the post, not sure what I did wrong

Help Spread the Word...

Check it out and do what you can! Peace.

Thank you.

It's 10:11, I'm just home from work, and have been watching your live stream on this thread for about 15 minutes.

Thanks to all!

Thanks to all that participated! We had a great showing on the stream. I think we had up to 50 people at one point! That's pretty good for throwing it together at the last minute! You guys must have been spreading the news. Thanks for watching :-)

It appeared that no press was there to receive...

the challenge, admonishment from Gage and Asner.

Keep up the momentum.. Thanks P. Ford.

Near train wreck

Ed Asner gave an amazing speech. The rest of the "press conference" and Q&A leave something to be desired. Gage going around publicly telling everyone (press, truth activists, et. Al.) what they should be doing got old really quick and isn't gonna do much to help our cause. Turned me off, for sure. Can't even imagine how it would make someone feel who is on the fence.

Excellent movie.

I was in the audience. Well done Richard Gage, AE911Truth and the many other dedicated supporters and patriots who put this excellent documentary together, a truly damning indictment of the officially endorsed hogwash - as regards the destruction of the World Trade Center. The coda of the movie - concentrating on the psychological impact of 9/11, the cognitive dissonance, and the general reluctance on the part of so many people to confront the harsh reality of 9/11 - is a very powerful conclusion, and balances/complements the (mandatory) "hard, dry" evidence with the human story.

Great to see...

Meanwhile we see Fetzer et al are organising to destroy our credibility once again...

Regards John

Polluting the waters again...

The link you quoted seems not to work...

But one has to wonder why "Fetzer et al" are spending so much time and energy pursuing a line of inquiry which is purely speculative and has zero hard evidence to support it. It is also so "out there" and non credible" that it could never gain popular support. All their efforts are muddying the waters and discrediting legitimate inquiry - by association.

This tends to lead one to the conclusion that "Fetzer et al"s efforts are being supported by elements who are invested in maintaining the status quo re. 9/11.. ie preventing the truth from emerging.