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19 kids to get on air planes to kill 3000 students - was this doctored, or did he really say this?

I found and saved this Sky News Australia interview clip a few years back, and recently uploaded this on youtube - no where else on the internet can I find this gaffe by the former President . I have to admit, it may have been doctored to sound this way - but if indeed if it was doctored , then by whom, and for what purpose asks Doug of Edmonton911Truth?

What sayeth you?, is this clip doctored, or did the President really say this?

Notes of interest - James Murdoch, son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has stepped down as chairman of British Sky Broadcasting in the wake of the tabloid phone hacking scandal. BSkyB are owners of Sky news Australia, and the authors behind this Bush interview. The Murdoch News core owns 39% of B Sky B.

I say Bush spouting nonsense is hardly news

A few moments with Google turned up this longer video of the interview, uploaded by SkyNewsAustralia back in 2007. The 19 kids/3000 students nonsense starts at about 3:50:

I think the media altered this interview

Now that the Media Mogul Murdochs have been outed to the world , I wondered how far these scoundrels had stooped into the abyss of deceptive news - One friend thinks Bush was seriously loaded up with prescription drugs to utter such stupidity. Myself I'm of the belief the media edited those sound bytes into Bush's mouth - His lips don't synchronize very well.... I think the corporate media fabricated this - and I'm wondering why.

More Bushisms

Re- President Bush Interview

I'm sorry Pavlovian, I was already aware of the existence of this complete interview on Youtube, What I meant was that nowhere could I find this excerpt "19 kids to get on air planes to kill 3000 students " . You'll get no argument from me as so far as Bush being famous for many of his gaffes. But in this interview I think B Sky B, edited those sound bytes "19 kids to get on air planes to kill 3000 students" into this interview - I'd like to know why they did that...

Trusting Corporate Media - An Ipsos Reid poll published in the (Canadian) National Post tells us that only 32% of Canadian journalists and only 25% of our national politicians are regarded as “highly trustworthy”.
There are reasons for this lack of trustworthiness as the 9/11 truth movement is well aware of - Interesting Note - Jonathan Kay is managing editor of the National Post who published this poll - Author of "Among The Truthers"

Can we really trust corporate media for fair, balanced journalism and reporting? Can we really trust this B Sky B interview, considering the ownership by the scandalous Murdochs?

And if he did actually say it

I don't doubt the media's readiness to commit deception, but, frankly, I don't see a problem with synching here. I wonder, what might you think he is saying there, before it was doctored (if it was)? When it's at the point where he is supposed to be saying 'kids' and 'students,' it looks plausible to me that that those are the words he is actually saying. But if not, any thoughts on what he might have been saying instead, that you think would have synched better with how his lips appeared?

If it wasn't doctored and really was another of his bizarre statements, I'm led to wonder, what accounts for it? What's going on in his head that would lead him to try to sum up the 9/11 attacks in that way? Operation Northwoods was supposed to have involved a staged 'attack' on U.S. students. And the 'rescue' of U.S. medical students was the pretext put forward for the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983. Would he have had enough familiarity with cases such as these for them to get muddled in his thoughts with those concerning 9/11? Sorry--I feel like I'm grasping here, but that's the best I can do.

IT looks out of synch to me, Indeed I'm no expert... but

Another problem I noticed with Bush saying these words is both Bush and the Interviewer did not flinch nor skip beat during Bush's poker face gaffe - most people would blink at such a bazaar sentence. Take a look at all Bush's gaffes. and you'll see reactions, even by Bush himself.... test it for yourself on someone, say exactly what George W. says here and see what reaction you get - I'm sticking with my original analysis, This interview was doctored.

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