Dangerous Conversations – Interview with Abby Martin about L/R Paradigm, Media Censorship & 9/11

Dangerous Conversations – Interview with Abby Martin by Media Roots

Abby Martin is interviewed by Scott Ledger of Dangerous Conversations about her political awakening through 9/11 truth, progression into media activism and work with Media Roots, Project Censored and RT TV. They discuss an array of issues including media censorship, false flag terrorism, the false left/right paradigm and moving consciousness forward together.

Shoveling Against the Tide

Attractive young female shoveling @*$# against the tide of tyranny; both sad and wonderful at the same instance.

We use whatever we have

We use whatever we have; beauty, brains, persistence -all of the above. Abby strikes me as a genuine, straight forward soul with no guile. I wish her success, thick skin, and a big heart. Nothing sad about that.

Great Job Abby

Fantastic that you are working with RT.

thank you

thanks for the support!