Families of 9/11 victims blast amount of money wasted building Ground Zero memorial museum

NEW YORK — A group representing some Sept. 11 family members says it agrees with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that spending for the memorial museum at Ground Zero is out of control.

The group commended the governor Wednesday for saying "a tremendous amount of money" has been "wasted" at the site.

The 9/11 Parents and Families of Firefighters and WTC Victims said it "never asked for the world's most expensive memorial and museum." Members said they would have been "thankful for a simple, dignified, above ground monument to the lives and deaths of 9/11 victims."

They said the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's decision to increase tolls to pay for the project was "unacceptable."

Their statement follows the announcement this week that the memorial foundation and the site's owners are close to an agreement to resume construction of the museum.


9/11: Press for Truth clip

Why was more money spent investigating Monica Lewinsky during the Clinton administration than was spent investigating 9/11 in 2001?


The scope and cost of an inquiry often reflects the desire, or lack thereof, to investigate.

After 441 days of stonewalling by the Bush White House to prevent *any* investigation, the "9/11 Commission" total budget was $15 million. They had to fight for the funds to "complete the job" (!!!) by May 27, 2004.
The recent Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC), convened to detail the causes of the 2008 economic collapse had a budget of just $8 million.
The Iran Contra affair investigation was $4 million (in 1987 dollars)
The investigation of the government's "response" (!!!!) to Hurricane Katrina - the most expensive disaster in modern US history - was vetoed by Congress.
UK Prime Minister Blair vetoed any public inquiry into the 7/7/2005 bombings in the UK.

Meanwhile: The Lewinsky affair cost $40 million - the total Ken Starr investigation budget into the Clintons totaled some $80 million.
The Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation was $175 million.
The Space Shuttle Challenger accident investigation was $75 million.

Who is paying for the 9/11 memorial? Larry Silverstein owns the property and received $4.5 billion in insurance payouts with no investigation into his almost certain foreknowledge of the attack. One would have hoped that the cost of the memorial would have been included in the multi $$billion rebuilding program - or at the very least, he might have had the decency to help out.