Globalist Social Engineers Subliminally Prepared The Public for 9/11

A creepy collection of 911 premonitions.

there was a British tv show about 7/7 wasn't there?



this aired on the bbc on May 16th 2004.

Interesting food for thought but ...

... none of this proves anything.

And Alex Jones ranting on about premonitions is exactly the kind of stuff that's been conflated with hard research over the years, handing fodder to mainstream journalists to smear everyone as wide-eyed theorists seeing 'conspiracies' behind every bush...

"911 conspiracy nutters see Beavis and Butthead in on the deal...' etcetera, etcetera. You get the picture.

So while this is interesting and worth looking at - I would suggest caution when it comes to alex jones. His guttural, forceful attitude does not go down well with all constituencies and tends to 'backfire' and 'conflate' the message, imo.

Hadn't seen that clip with Porter Goss before.

What is going on there? The first plane has already hit, and they're having a press conference? Then there's an audible boom, then the second plane comes in? WTF?

Two incidents at the Pentagon....

Bringing up the Pentagon aspect of 9/11 in here always touches off a wave of commentary, but this clip is very telling. This Porter Goss interview/press conference was happening outside the Pentagon (after the WTC was hit - which is odd in itself). However, the boom - obviously an explosion - which caused people to visibly react, including Goss, was *followed* by the sound of a large commercial jet passing by at a very low altitude - presumably the 757 described as AA77.

If the plane heard after the boom was AA77, and I am not aware of any *other* commercial jets passing low over the Pentagon around the time it was hit - this VERY CLEARLY implies that TWO incidents happened at the Pentagon in quick succession.

If anyone has another explanation, let's hear it.... before marking down this post! Thanks! ;)


There may have been two incidents but...

... there is no possibility that there was a substantial explosion prior to the impact of the plane. Barbara Honneger has confused the issue with her assertion that there was a substantial explosive event prior to the plane impact or that the plane impact was several minutes earlier. Both these possibilities are proved wrong.

There were many witnesses close to the impact point over a period before the impact. None reported an explosion before the impact. The time of impact has been established with high accuracy by John Farmer as within about 3 seconds of the official time.

See discussion here:

While the "boom" heard on the video is interesting it cannot be used as proof of an explosion 6 minutes before plane impact. Is it certain that the sound like a plane on the video is a plane? Has anyone managed to determine when these sounds occurred? Plenty of questions but no answers that I am aware of. It is good to avoid distractions.

The Lone Gunmen Pilot-- March 4, 2001


There are still some Americans, who because of their secular Judeo-Masonic education still believe what the Zionist media tells them.

CIA implants ideas

A bit of synchronicity here, but I watched the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen"- rented from NetFlix only the night before last. It is beyond extraordinary how this episode, aired on Fox TV barely a few months prior to 9/11, is so similar to what actually happened.

Significantly, the CIA visited the set of the Lone Gunmen (and other shows) and made suggestions re. creative content, as revealed by X Files and Lone Gunmen star Dean Haglund. Was that a factor in the content of the pilot? Chris Carter probably knows but he's not telling.

In Haglund's own words?

Granted, the 'Lone Gunman' episode is pretty amazing. But In the Infowars clip, all I hear is Alex Jones describe what Dean Haglund told him. Nowhere do I actually hear Dean Haglund say, or confirm, what Jones says he told him. Has anyone seen, heard, or read Haglund confirm, in his own words, what Jones is claiming here?

Also, if the CIA is going to plant things in our minds subliminally, why would it be the truth about a false-flag operation? Why wouldn't they use TV to prime the public for the eventual official narrative about how it happened, rather than for dissent against that narrative?

Haglund interview

I remember seeing Dean Haglund being interviewed by Alex Jones a few years ago. Now, my memory is not very reliable but my recollection is that Haglund was saying something along the lines of - when 9/11 happened, they were expecting the FBI to come knocking at the door to find out if they had knowledge of the plot, but they never did.

I do not recall any mention of the CIA suggesting plots prior to the series and I agree with you, rm, that if they were going to, they would not be "inside job" plots.

9/11 Truth: Alex Jones Interviews Dean Haglund (X-Files)

9/11 Truth: Alex Jones Interviews Dean Haglund (X-Files)

double take


Where was the interview ON THE MAP? and when exactly was this GOSS interview made.
time date and place?

does anyone know.? verifiable?

I'm sorry , did I miss-understand Alex here?

Alex says starting 22 second mark into this clip - "Look at this, we got sent this by listener, and it wasn't my judge, who is a listener who did this, it was one of his crew though, and this came out... What year did this come out?, 1994!, after the first world trade centre bombing where the Feds admit they cooked the bombs, and the drivers, New York Times, CBS news,Just check it out for yourself.... WTF did Alex just say here and what is he telling us to check ourselves?

STOP THE VIDEO- Alex Jones presented an article from 1994 at the beginning of this clip - can anyone here please verify this article as to what news organization, magazine publisher put this out there in public back in 1994? My appologies to the INFOWAR, ALEX JONES supporters here, but I have long subscribed to a blog titled " Leaving Alex Jonestown" An informative site that my wife publishes, that challenges with hours , sometimes days of sound research, to some of the things Alex and his guests have said on air in past - I've grown very weary and sceptical whenever I hear of new evidence like this 1994 article come to light - especially when it comes to light from INFOWAR.

Leaving Alex jonestown-

AJ BUSTED AGAIN - Leaving Alex Jonestown

S.M. Elliott author of the blog "Leaving Alex Jonestown" This is what Jones calls "predictive programming" - bad guys tell you exactly what they're going to do to you before they do it, because their ancient math-and-snake religion demands they have permission from their victims (kinda like Cabin in the Woods). He also thinks the Simpsons predicted 9/11. Anyway, the magazine was Vice, and they've already responded to this nonsense

By VICE STAFF- We kept the secret for 10 long years, but some nosey dinks finally pulled off our human-masks revealing the scaly, reptilian faces underneath. In 2009, we celebrated our 15th birthday by publishing a "lost" magazine from 1994. Recently, an article from that 1994 Issue entitled What Is Al-Qaeda? has been making rounds among the 9/11 Truth Movement. To cut a long, strange story short, some folks believe we knew about 9/11 seven years before it happened.

I see

Thanks for this clarification. So if I understand correctly, this was from a 'lost' issue, i.e., a mock issue--a joke, satire, not real. Is that right? Like when The Onion, back about 1999, published a volume of their supposed 'front pages' from throughout the 20th century, under the title 'Our Dumb Century.' For example, the headline that they supposedly ran after the Munich Conference in 1938 had Neville Chamberlain announcing to the British people that London would be 'laid waste in our time. I have Mr. Hitler's word.' And their coverage of FDR's inauguration in 1933 had him declaring that, 'The only thing we have to fear is a crippling, decade-long depression'. For all I know, Alex might well have construed those 'front pages' as 'predictive programming' too!

Is he tone-deaf when it comes to satire? And I wonder, will he fess up to this mistake?