Port Authority to pay Chertoff firm $1.2M for security study


The Port Authority will pay former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff’s consulting firm more than $1.2 million for a review and overhaul of the agency’s security operations, under a recent extension of the firm’s no-bid contract.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff
Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff

The Chertoff Group’s contract extension — the second in six months — was quietly approved last week without discussion at a public meeting of agency commissioners.

The firm will be paid an additional $650,000, on top of the $600,000 already approved, to advise the Port Authority on the hiring of a new security director and to help create the agency’s first-ever security department, a Port Authority spokesman said Wednesday.

The firm recommended those moves in March, after conducting a one-year, “top-to-bottom” review that found the Port Authority’s security operations are decentralized and uncoordinated, and suffer from inadequate lines of responsibility.

The Port Authority operates the region’s airports, sea ports, PATH train system and is rebuilding the World Trade Center.

The original $300,000 agreement was struck in May 2011. Agency spokesman Ron Marsico stressed that the original contract was for a study, while last week’s extension was related to helping the Port Authority carry out the study’s recommendations.

“The agency will assess the need for future services as this extension progresses,” he said when asked if the Port Authority anticipates additional increases.

When the study was approved last May, the Port Authority said it would take six months. But in December, the contract was extended another six months and its value was doubled to $600,000, also without public discussion.

The Port Authority announced the firm’s findings in March. Although no formal report was made public, the agency said the firm reviewed more than 20,000 pages of documents and conducted hundreds of hours of interviews.

Chertoff, the former U.S. Attorney in New Jersey, presented the findings at a briefing that followed a Board of Commissioners meeting that month.

A national search for a new Chief Security Officer is underway, and the Chertoff Group is identifying candidates, Marsico said.

Chertoff, appointed by President George W. Bush as the first Homeland Security Secretary, co-founded the firm in 2009 with his former chief of staff at the federal agency, Chad C. Sweet. Chertoff is a national security advisor to Mitt Romney.

Governor Christie, who is considered a potential Romney running mate, jointly steers the Port Authority with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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Chad C. Sweet, Profile

Chertoff and the Port Authority

The Port Authority was involved in the 911 demolition. The Towers were sold to Silverstein for cheap. They knew about the asbestos remediation problem and the 'players' all planned and conspired to sell, demolish and collect the insurance. The City Council of New York refused to demand an impartial investigation. The Attorney General of New York refused to initiate an independent investigation. I can assure you...that..if these criminals operated in my city, they would be brought to justice. This cabal operates openly and insults the intelligence of all. They probe our private areas and radiate those that refuse this invasion of our privacy. If we did not all fly for one day, this Chertoff led TSA madness would stop. New York is a criminal enterprise and few stand in the way of this madness. It smells so badly, It cannot stand. This enterprise will destroy itself and many innocent will perish as collateral death and have already been murdered as these evil criminals continue to do business. God help this country and anyone that colludes with these dark and sinister leeches.

Does Chertoff sleep at night?

This character Chertoff was the Homeland "Security" head honcho during that other massive, infamous, shameful, disgusting breach of national security - the government's deliberately "inverted response" to Hurricane Katrina - the near total destruction of a major US city, with the deaths of at least 1800 people, with several hundred still listed as missing. Bodies floated in the streets on television with the world looking on aghast as elements within the United States government showed their true colors - they not only abandoned their own people, but contracted thugs employed by the corporate terrorist gang then known as "Blackwater" to beat up (and even kill) a number of those who has lost everything from America's worst ever natural disaster. FEMA chief Michael "Heck of a Job" Brown fell on his sword, but the real villain of the piece was Chertoff. Not only should he have been fired on the spot, but if there was any justice left in the world, there would also have been a major investigation - with no stones left unturned - into the conduct of the Department of Homeland Security and the criminal negligence of Chertoff. Thats is where the buck should have stopped.

How does this fully fledged member of the real axis of evil sleep at night? I guess those without a conscience - sociopaths - are not bothered by this sort of thing.

I think you're right

with the things you point out. It seems we're stuck in a very deep hole. God won't help though, it's up to us to get rid of these sociopaths who keep spoiling it for all of us.

I've always wondered about the insurance issue. How could any insurancefirm take NIST's bullshit conclusions about WTC7 seriously by any means? Sure enough they're rubbing eachothers back. It makes it all the more incredible & difficult to realize the true scope of this.

I mean, if the military is involved, if the insurancecompanies are involved, if the intelligence agencies are involved, and if the media is involved, then where do we start?

How do you deal with sociopaths? Is there a manual for that?

Answer to Insurance Question

I just asked an insurance risk management consultant why the insurance companies paid out without a real investigation. The answer is, "They were told to."

Right now Penn Station and Grand Central are bearable, with light security theater - a few roaming guards and an occasional friendly dog. If Chertoff wants to bring his brand of cancer causing scanners and groping to the stations - I'll stop traveling completely, having already abandoned the airports. If more people stopped using the airports, they would have to relent.

These People Are Just Like The Mafia, Only Much Smarter

And they are compelled by the very same self centered, simple minded interests - power, control and gain.