New video released: "Inside 9/11 - 7 facts"

Today a new video about 7 substantial facts regarding 9/11 has been released. The 12-minute long film focuses on these points:

1. Insider trading
2. WTC 7
3. Air defense
4. Wargames
5. Flight 77
6. Identification of hijackers
7. Evidence regarding Bin Laden

The video is available in two different language versions:

English version:

German version:

Furthermore a bilingual English / German website with additional links and sources has been launched today:

Hopefully this information will spread! Thanks for your help.

the video embedded

Watching now.

Good summary of the evidence

This video is a very good, easy to follow summary of some key pieces of evidence disproving the official 9/11 story. I particularly like your final section, where you consider what factors make it difficult for journalists to properly investigate 9/11, even though this has meant they are ignoring the news story of the century.

Well done, Paul!

Role of the media

Thanks for your friendly remarks, Shoestring!

The final part of the video about the role of the media resulted from my own personal experience with several mainstream media journalists, TV and print. Some of them are interested in this, some even said to me they liked my book ("Inside 9/11"), but none of them dared to say anything specific about the facts mentioned in it. They clearly feel how dangerous it could be for them to say a word.

I hope this will get better, if there´s some more backing from academic sources, as for example now with Prof. Marc Chesney with his study on insider trading, or with Dr. Daniele Ganser with his SIPER Institute (Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research). Ganser put my film on his website (German language) today:

Catch 22 for journalists

Thom Hartmann has had Peter B. Collins as a guest host on his radio program before but no more. Collins has hosted 9/11 Truth events and has interviewed Jersey Girl Lorie van Auken and since then he's pretty much disappeared from progressive radio. Thom used to talk about 9/11 and even hosted Kevin Ryan once years ago but he has since refused to engage 9/11 truth discussions. Ed Schultz received a call from an elderly gentleman one day and the man wanted to talk about the physics not working for the collapsing towers and Ed started yelling at him. "I don't want to hear about physics (translation FACTS) I want to know if you believe our government attacked us on 9/11?" This was supposed to make the caller look like a fool and the caller calmly replied, "No not the government but certain elements within this government." (Bush administration) Ed hung up on him and It wasn't long after that that Schultz was promoted to a TV spot on MSNBC.

This so called liberal network MSNBC is owned by GE, which makes nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants which produce nuclear waste. They found a clever way of getting rid of this waste by tipping their GU rotary tank busting cannons with depleted uranium tipped bullets. These bullets are fired at people in Iraq and Afghanistan and leave nuclear waste on the ground and babies are being born with gross physical deformities. GE also collaberated with Bechtel and Enron to build a power plant in Dabhol, India in the mid 1990s. This plant needed natural gas from the Centgas pipeline project that was being held up by the Taliban. Enron was run by Ken Lay, GW Bush's buddy. The man in charge of the Dabhol project for Enron was Clifford Baxter who was found with a bullet in his head in his millionaire neighborhood of Houston around the time of the collapse of Enron and during the 9/11 Commission fake investigation.

The number one issue for 9/11 truth and lovers of democracy and justice is to take back the media. I think most Americans and people of the world are good but do bad things based on bad information. Operation Mockingbird was the CIA infiltration of the media in the 1950s. The Federal Reserve and the international cartel of central bankers own both parties so therefore they control the military and intelligence agencies. They have interlocking board members sitting on the military industrial complex and the oil and gas boards of directors and share common ambitions. I understand the CIA is monitoring this site very closely. I'm sure they have an algorithm that measures the public's level of 9/11 knowledge and discontent. They probably know +/- 10 percent accuracy where the critical level of unrest lies and as long as the public remains within their ascribed safe parameters they are simply content to feed information to the media and let time abolish all resistance. These people are the biggest cowards because they sell out everybody for simple materialism and ego. They are even bigger cowards than the so called news directors or perhaps they are one and the same. They will end up with mansions in hell.

By the way, the world wide central bank, fiat money, fractional reserve, issue currency as debt system, was created by the original Rothschild. As this post relates to the corrupt media, people might want to know that FOX's Rupert Murdoch of Mordor is a business partner with "Lord" Jacob Rothschild in a tar sands oil project in Israel, a country with virtually no or very little oil reserves. Maybe a good strategy would be to call the media outlets and encourage them to do investigative stories on the follow up to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the oil companies working there. Also they should be forced to cover the Caspian pipelines.

CIA = Cowards in Action. Cowards in Afghanistan. Criminals in Action. They overthrew Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 because he was going to kick out BP and nationalize the oil revenue so his people could afford energy. CIA and stealing oil is old news. We taxpayers foot the bill for the CIA and provide our military to the oil companies to kill and steal oil to sell on the world market, i.e., China, COMMUNIST China. Tell that to the next group of Korean or Vietnam War veterans who fought "against the spread of communism." So what do the oil companies do with their outrageous profits that come courtesy of the taxpayer military in loss of lives, limbs and money? They use it to buy off venal politicians and bribe CIA and NSA cowards.

Koch Cranes @ 2.55 min.

What a surprise! They (KOCH Industries) helped to build it, perhaps they....?
Perhaps it's another KOCH in the crane business.