Richard Gage AIA In New York City Sunday June 24th

The 30 City Tour of Richard Gage AIA with the new film: 9/11
Explosive Evidence Experts Speak Out will have 2 screenings in
New York City Sunday June 24th, one in the afternoon at Theatre
80 at 80 St. Marks Place at 2:00pm and another in the evening at
The Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew 263 West 86th St. at 7:00pm.
Admission is Free to both shows.

The Village Voice, a popular paper in The City, will feature a double
full page Centerfold advertising the event. The Banner headline asks:
Why Are 1,700 Architects & Engineers Demanding A New Investigation Into
The Destruction Of The World Trade Center?

Special guests are invited to join these rare events. Bonnie Faulkner, the
courageous Radio hostess of Guns & Butter, will interview Richard on her
9:00am Friday morning Show 6 / 22 on W B A I in New York City.

Michael Marino

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this sounds wonderful!!! wish

this sounds wonderful!!! wish we could make it!!!! that ad ought to elicit a good audience. we are lucky to witness the the rare conjunction of technical know how, integrity AND courage in richard gage and the experts in this wonderful, tightly edited dvd.

could have been

helped with an ad campaign - next tine ...

Great turnout for 2pm showing

Great turnout for 2pm showing in NYC! Laurie Van Auken was there as well as experts from the film. The house was full to capacity.

The latest edit is light years better then the 1st version. Tighter, more info/graphics and animation that accommodate speakers. New Intro, new material added...You couldn't ask for a better presentation then the latest edition of this film.