Jeff King 1946-2012

Jeff King, an early scientific voice in the 9/11 Truth Movement, died on June 19 after a lengthy battle with amyloidosis and multple myeloma. He studied physics and engineering at MIT, left for a number of years, then re-enrolled, finished with a degree in Biology (with a combined course of study later labeled Biomedical Engineering), then went on to medical school and became a physician.

Jeff was a neighbor and a good friend. You may know of him through his online name, Plague Puppy ( Some of his thinking about 9/11 was speculative and out of the mainstream of the 9/11 Truth Movement, but I knew him to be extremely inquisitive, well read, independent in his thinking, and non-dogmatic. He was one of the early influences in my getting involved with the 9/11 Truth Movement. He was a gentle and caring person, beloved by his patients.

He is probably best know for the talk shown here:

He will be missed.

--David Chandler

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Sorry to hear this!

I recall his presentation at the Manhattan Center on the third anniversay in 2004, later included on the 'Confronting the Evidence' video. While I knew, at that time, that there were serious things being covered up about 9/11, I hadn't paid much attention to that point to the physical evidence re the destruction of the World Trade Center. But, even though I still needed some convincing afterwards, his presentation did much to open my mind and make me more receptive to such information, so that eventually I did become convinced that the official account for how the buildings came down was false.

Sad to hear about the loss, but thanks for letting us know.


Commiserations. Always sad when people of courage pass.

David Long Video

Very sad to hear about Jeff King.

Visiting his website - quite eclectic - there's some interesting gems including a video (streamed from his website as far as I can tell, not youtube or vimeo) of an interview with David Long which I hadn't seen before.

This really needs to get some attention!
- Evidence of preparation including a training course to disorient staff within the building in the event of a fire!
- More than just the single stream of molten metal from the WTC towers
- Long lasting fires at GZ after 9/11
- WTC7 not affected by the tower collapses!

This latter fact - if corroborated by others on record would be very damaging to the official story of bulges and gashes on the smoke-screened side of the building.

Jeff King was a great American

His talk first persuaded me to doubt the official story.

Jeff King 9/11/04 NYC Talk on Collapse Forensics

I appreciate the work of Dr Jeff King

Jeff's "Confronting the evidence" talk was one of the earliest that I studied as I was awakening.
That would have been in Spring 2005. I wish to express my appreciation, because I love the truth, and my condolences to his family.
He was courageous and scientific in his approach, and that combination got me interested.

Jeff King passing

I would like to extend my condolences to Jeff King's family and friends. Mr. King was one of the earliest voices I heard that introduced me to the 911 truth.

In 2005 I started my journey of learning that there was more to the 911 narrative than what I had been led to believe. Mr. King was one of the first voices I listened heard speaking out to make us aware that what we had been told was a not necessarily true. His talks had a profound effect on me, and thousands of other people who want to know what really happened on that terrible day.
Thank you Jeff, you are, will always be an inspiration to everyone in the 911 truth movement.
Best Regards,

So sad to hear this! My

So sad to hear this! My condolences to Jeff's family. A few of his videos and articles were my inspiration to start with about 6 years ago. Thanks Jeff for showing me the way, you'll be missed!


I hope someone maintains the plague puppy site.