Time is running out! Bring THREE OF YOUR FRIENDS to an ESO Premiere Screening

Time is running out!
an ESO Premiere Screening
Special Guests Added to Once-in-a-Lifetime
Experts Speak Out Tour
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The national headquarters of the American Institute of Architects was the perfect venue for the Washington DC premiere of ESO

The 30-city World Premiere Tour of our new documentary, "9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out" (ESO), is in full swing. A variety of special guests will be joining Richard Gage, AIA, as he continues to present the Final Edition of this breakthrough film in cities across America. Buy your advance tickets now before the venues sell out.

We have some power-packed premieres lined up across the East Coast and the Southern States over the next few weeks before returning to San Francisco for the Grand Finale. Here are some of the 9/11 experts and special guests that have appeared – or will be appearing – with Gage at the ESO premieres:

9/11 family members Lorie Van Auken and Jane Pollicino speak at the NYC premiere

June 24 – New York City (2PM): 9/11 family members Jane Pollicino and Jersey Girl Lorie Van Auken

June 24 – New York City (7PM): 9/11 family member Jane Pollicino, Architect William Brinnier

June 25 – Philadelphia, PA (7PM): Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti

June 28: Pinellas Park (Tampa Area), FL (7PM): Physicist Bob Podolski

Former US Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney

June 30: Daytona Beach, FL (7PM): Physicist Bob Podolski

July 2 – Atlanta, GA (7PM): Cynthia McKinney

July 9 – Alameda/Oakland, CA (7PM): High-Rise Architect Leslie Young, High-Rise Architect Robert McCoy, Structural Engineer Kamal Obeid, Civil Engineer Roland Angle

July 11 – San Francisco, CA (7PM): High-Rise Architect Leslie Young, High-Rise Architect Robert McCoy, Structural Engineer Kamal Obeid, Civil Engineer Roland Angle

Richard Gage will also be presenting the film in person at the following premiere screenings:

High-Rise Architect Leslie Young

June 27  – Tampa, FL (7PM)

July 3 – Nashville, TN (6:30PM)

July 5 – Bozeman, MT (7PM)

Some surprise guests will be joining us along the way, so don’t miss out on this historic tour.

Host your own local screening of Experts Speak Out

Are you interested in setting up a public screening of “Experts Speak Out” in your local community? Download our Screening Guide, which explains how you can fill a theater or other venue and professionally introduce this landmark film to audiences in your area. Catch the wave with us while the Tour is underway! Bring people in your own community into an active awareness of the compelling 9/11 evidence.

Follow along with the Tour Blog

Psychologists Bob Hopper, Marti Hopper, Dorothy Lorig and Fran Shure answer the toughest questions about the implications of the WTC evidence following the premiere of Experts Speak Out in Denver

As Gage travels across America to present this landmark film to eager audiences, the details of the journey are chronicled in the ESO Tour Blog. You can read about past screenings and see what's next in this unprecedented campaign to bring the World Trade Center evidence directly to the American people.

You’ll also have instant access to exclusive audio interviews Gage has conducted along the way, in which Gage interviews experts featured in the film, prominent supporters of AE911Truth, influential 9/11 Truth activists, and newcomers who were shocked to discover what the evidence shows about the WTC demolitions.

Architect Robert McCoy offers his unique insight as an expert in high-rise buildings along side Richard Gage, AIA, during the intense Q&A discussion at the Beverly Hills premiere of Experts Speak Out. Famed actor Ed Asner introduced the pair during the press conference before the film

Included are photo galleries from each event and press reports from mainstream media outlets and bloggers. One popular online magazine writer in San Diego who attended the premiere at the Joyce Beers Center on May 21 has already published an article in which he acknowledged the explosive 9/11 evidence for the first time.

The Final Edition of Experts Speak Out is now available for instant online viewing and download, and the deluxe two-disc DVD set is now being shipped out, so be sure to visit 911ExpertsSpeakOut.org and Watch it Now or place your order. With your active participation, this film will expand the worldwide awakening to what really happened to the WTC skyscrapers, and raise calls for justice and accountability from every corner of the globe.

NY Premiere

I went to the NY Premiere and have to say Richard is doing a great job - and the newly edited film is fantastic.