Mysterious Death of John Millis

One little known event on the 9/11 timeline is the mysterious death of John Millis. If you conclude that he was in fact murdered, you must assume that his murder was for the purpose of making sure 9/11 came off smoothly, and that there was nobody around to contradict that WMD bullshit put out by the Bush Administration as an excuse to invade Iraq, the enemy of Saudi Arabia, who apparently supplied the terrorists. Chandra Levy also worked for the House Intelligence Committee. It is pretty obvious that nobody living in caves in Afghanistan could have committed this possible murder. The following is from the NY York Times:

John Millis, 47, Aide in Congress
Published: June 06, 2000

John I. Millis, a former case officer with the Central Intelligence Agency who for the last three years served as the top staff member of the House Intelligence Committee, committed suicide on Sunday, the police and Congressional officials said today. He was 47 and lived in Vienna, Va.

George J. Tenet, the director of central intelligence, described Mr. Millis as ''a tenacious advocate for a strong national intelligence capability.''

A spokesman for the Fairfax City police said officers were called to a motel about 8 p.m. on Sunday because a man was threatening suicide. Officer Jeff Morrison said that when the police arrived they found Mr. Millis dead of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound. The police said they were investigating the death.

Before becoming a senior staff aide in Congress, Mr. Millis served as a case officer for the C.I.A. for nearly 13 years. In that period, he lived in Pakistan, working to provide covert aid to Afghan rebels who were fighting the Soviet army.