Join the AE911Truth campaign to "Hold the BBC Accountable" for its inaccurate and biased reporting on the 9/11 attacks

Dear Friends of 9/11 Truth,

You have the opportunity to write to the Committee in the British Parliament that provides oversight to the British Broadcasting Corporation and ask it to conduct its own inquiry into biased reporting on the 9/11 attacks by the BBC and meet with 3 9/11 Truth activists to allow them to present 9/11 Truth evidence.

As you may remember, three Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth petition signers in the UK have filed separate and formal complaints with the British Broadcasting Corporation over two documentaries it aired last year around the 10th anniversary of 9/11, namely ‘Conspiracy Files: 9/11 ten years on', and '9/11: Conspiracy Road Trip'.  The BBC has breached its Royal Charter and its Agreement and Editorial Guidelines, which include Editorial Values that promise truth, accuracy, impartiality, editorial integrity and independence, fairness, transparency and accountability in all the BBC’s programs.

The BBC allows for formal written complaints if a person thinks the BBC has breached its Editorial Guidelines and Editorial Values. Unfortunately the complaint and appeal process is slow and stacked against the person making the complaint. The BBC Executive Board can effectively deny a complaint and its appeal and prevent the Trustees of the BBC Trust from ever hearing about it. That is what happened in the case of these 3 complaints. They remain utterly uninterested and have resorted to very questionable interpretations and applications of the Editorial Guidelines and guidance to justify their denial of the complaints.

Our petition signers in the UK who are running this campaign have made a change in strategy. They are no longer asking for anything from the BBC. They are asking the 11 MPs (Members of Parliament) on UK’s Culture, Media and Sport Committee, which has oversight authority over the BBC. to get involved. Specifically the have asked:

#1) for a meeting with the Committee to present their arguments and evidence and answer the Committee's questions; and

#2) for the Committee to conduct its own inquiry into the biased coverage of 9/11 by the BBC.

The MPs on this Committee are the ones who can really hold the BBC accountable to its Royal Charter and Agreement and Editorial Guidelines. This Committee monitors the policy, administration and expenditure of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and its associated bodies, including the BBC, on behalf of the House of Commons and the electorate.

These are 2 new requests that they have not made before. Right now you can support their request by writing a letter to the MPs on this Committee in support of this request? You can do all of this through the AE911Truth website.

Please see the updated “Hold the BBC Accountable” page on the AE911Truth site for the letter to the MPs. That page contains a detailed sample letter that you can use "as is" or personalize. The sample letter says that you have signed the AE911Truth petition, so if you haven't signed it yet you can sign it on the website. It is also easy to compose an email message to the MPs and the BBC Trustees through the “Hold the BBC Accountable” page.

The BBC's Royal Charter, Agreement, Editorial Guidelines and Editorial Values make very specific commitments to truth, accuracy, impartiality and so on. No American TV network operates under such guidelines. We believe this is a unique and unprecedented opportunity to get a major mainstream news source to correct its biased and inaccurate reporting on 9/11 and even to air the scientific facts and evidence that it has withheld from the BBC viewers ever since 9/11.

Thank you for speaking up!


Mark Graham
Volunteer Team Leader

Received this back.

"Thank you for your email regarding the BBC’s coverage of 9/11. The BBC’s main responsibility is to provide an impartial public broadcasting service particularly regarding news and current affairs content; the Committee must therefore refrain from commenting on or attempting to influence the news stories the BBC covers. These decisions are made by the BBC and the BBC Trust. It is not the role of the Committee to interfere with the Corporation’s broadcasting of current affairs.

The Committee does, however, hold an annual evidence session scrutinising the financial accounts and performance of the BBC. Further details can be found on our website at

Kind regards,"

Victoria Butt
Senior Committee Assistant
Culture, Media and Sport