possible accomplice in Colorado shootings

From Adam Coate
Below is an account from an eyewitness (Corbin Dates) sitting in the 2nd row who saw someone answer his phone, go to the emergency exit, prop it open, continue his conversation, and appeared to wave someone in. Also mentions the shooter was 5' 8" - 5' 9", and James Holmes is 6' 3".


Separate interview of Corbin Dates:

A different eyewitness says that there was probably an accomplice. He said that a gas canister was thrown from the opposite side of the room from where the shooter was. Messaged the uploader to get the full source video:


Someone on AboveTopSecret (ffrealmsrider) posted the following, I've messaged him asking him for more information.


"I listened to the entire police scanner and ambulance logs with my premium membership on radioreference.com. Several officers maintained from witness reports that there was a second suspect who breached the Mall. About an hour and a half in they found an open door in the closed mall (Macy's). K-9 and search teams took about 40 minutes to respond to this tip. It's possible there really was an accomplice that got away"

Coast To Coast AM - July 21 2012 - Colorado Shooting & Gun Laws


Theater Attack Warning May 17, 2012 ???

Witness Says Someone Got Call and Let Colorado Killer James Holmes in Theater!

more reports from adam coate

I took notes from the police scanners that I sent you. They aren't complete, they end as they're investigating an open door at the mall food court. I have to find the rest.

Notable observations:
* 6 minutes between the first call and when the police saw James Holmes
* Shooting lasted 2-3 minutes, so there were 3-4 minutes where the shooter was unaccounted for
* Conflicting descriptions of suspects. One said white and blue plaid shirt, another said green camo pants
* A construction worker reported seeing someone with a red backpack "booking" (sprinting I guess) towards Alameda
* Another person, this one in black with a black backpack also was seen going towards Alameda

1st clip
Shooting at Century 16 theaters
Someone's still shooting.
(ends at 30:15)

2nd clip
Still shooting
Somebody sprayed gas in here
We've got the back and south side covered
We need gas masks at theater 9, we can't go in
Being told he's in theater 9, smells like the gas is OC
I need a marked car behind the theater Sable side, there's a suspect in a gas mask
White car in rear of the lot, is that a suspect? Yes, we've got rifles, gas mask, (inaudible), open door leading into theater
One of the shooters might be wearing white and blue plaid shirt
Suspect's saying he's the only one, getting conflicting suspect descriptions from witnesses.
Construction worker said someone came booking out of the parking lot with a red backpack, headed towards Alameda.
Male dressed in black with black backpack headed NE (towards Alameda as well)
Suspect is male, unknown race, black camo outfit, gas mask, vest, multiple long guns
It's coming back clear (license plates?), James Holmes
Suspect in all black, black tactical vest, black tactical helmet, (inaudible), gas mask, tactical gear, handgun, possible shot gun, possible other longgun

3rd clip:
Need to clear the theater area for bomb squad, may be secondary device in suspect's car
We need to quickly get suspect descriptions because we got conflicting descriptions, want to make sure we aren't looking for anybody else.
I'm getting the info of anyone who saw the shooter, and holding them here
Who is organizing the witnesses? Denver's trying to coordinate that.
Witness said green camoflauge pants
We have an open door at the mall, east side, next to the food court
Get any available k-9 units to investigate the open door at the mall

Confusing testimony

'Shooting lasted 2-3 minutes'

And yet in the interview with witness Corbin Dates in the preceding post, towards the end of the clip he estimates that the shooting lasted from 15 to 20 minutes. Which was not what I was expecting to hear. Or did he misspeak?

It is good to question and to be observant...

We have learned a certain distrust of "official stories," and that is well-founded.

This morning I came across a vid by "The Truther Girls" which is relevant and interesting --


Do you carry a camera/cell phone with you? good thing to do...

This seems to be quite a good

This seems to be quite a good blog on the Aurora Killings


Lots of things to worry about with this killing...

- official story for Holmes entry into cinema and out of the emergency exit seems odd
- Possible Accomplices - official story attempts to deny this option
- Timings between witnesses and Police accounts at odds
- Holmes may not be the killer just a patsy due to helight variation and supposed "drugged" appearance of Holmes
- Apparently sent a confessional sketchbook of his attack - though no real motive
- Warned Police that his apartment was booby trapped
- $20K worth of kit and weapons yet he was just a phd student
- mask found hundreds of feet from the car that Police found him in...
- appeared to be drugged in his court appearance
- Police chief in Aurora used to work for Giuliani in NY!
- Holmes was a patient to psychiatrist (with possible links to the military?)

Holmes carried aways... and TWO masks!

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Talk about trying someone in the press. (News Reporter) claims it ain’t a “whodunit” mystery but rather a question of whether or not Holmes is clinically insane. Well, I beg to differ… if he was passed out cold when the cops found him and they needed a spine board to move him, and there’s that extra gas mask sitting way over next to the main street, I would say it is kinda a whodunit mystery, isn’t it?

Marrys with what J Bax has suggested on another blog that it matches the story of a movie called "Rampage"!