Swiss and Austrian experts speak out in mainstream television show

I believe this important discussion broadcasted in Germany, Switzerland and Austria has never been translated into English. So I chose some segments of this over one hour show and made a quick translation:

Main proponents for a new investigation in this talk are:
* Dr. Daniele Ganser: A Swiss historian researching 9/11 at the University of Basel -
* Prof. Dr.Friedrich Steinhäusler. An Austrian expert for physics and material science at the University of Salzburg -

Interestingly enough, Steinhäusler is also an advisor for NATO for the war against terrorism (at least they claim he is). Yet, he proposes questions concerning the collapse of the buildings like most physics studying the topic do. Considering that he is not only a physicists but also a academic in material science could make him another important expert in the debate.

During the whole show, the audience was clearly on the side of Ganser and Steinhäusler and the whole way the discussion was held and led was very fair. The main opponent to Ganser and Steinhäusler was the journalist Stefan Aust (former chief editor of "Der Spiegel"). He tried the usual way to discredit their trustworthiness, but did not succeed at all.

The station broadcasting it was ServusTV, a division of "Red Bull". It is available free to air in Germany, Austria and Switzerland via antenna or cable and via satellite even europewide. This is no small local tv station.

Thanks for positing this clip

Dr. Danielle Glanser was very articulate and made a convincing case for the reality behind the issues discussed and I was glad to see the physicist Dr. Friedrich Steinhausler backing him up concerning the reality that the building collapses in NYC on Sept. 11, 2001 are very suspicious and need to be questioned.

Much of Europe is also trying to move to renewable energies in a major way, so there won't be a need to kill for resources. That is what should be happening in the United States and the Obama administration is actually trying. The U.S. military is trying to do their part here and the only ones crying about their attempt to move bigtime into the use of renewables like wind and solar for electric on bases and alternatives like biofuels for ships and aircraft happen to be Republican. Does that surprise anyone?

See this very current link about the military and Republican obstruction of the move to alternatives here if you are interested.


It's great to know Ganser is providing a thoughtful voice on this subject in Europe. The first time he came on TV, he gave the impression of being very neutral and would simply describe LIHOP, MIHOP and the official narrative. Now he is quite comfortable in controlling a debate. I was glad to see the audience respond with an applause when he discussed how "unacademic" it is to dismiss a hypothesis by labeling and name calling. I was also pleased to see the physicist support him. The fact that the physicist is a major consultant on terrorism to NATO and other agencies is notable. It was funny to see the ambassador fellow sit like a potato who couldn't contribute to the discussion on skepticism .. that's what happens when you haven't done your homework !


In the first post I meant ""Thanks for posting this clip" and it should be Dr. Daniele Ganser.

Dr. Ganser is the real deal and is not just sitting idly by and discussing the problems with the current official explanation for 911. He is actively looking for ways to counter the Peak Oil issue and helping to spread the word that it is a necessary task for humanity. See here The more academics, engineers, and scientists who understand the problem the faster we can move in the right direction. In fact, everybody needs to get on board to overwhelm those who would obstruct the move to renewables.

The additional benefit from the move to renewables, hybrid electric cars, and the like, will be to stem the amount of carbon dioxide we are throwing into the atmosphere and at least ensure we aren't contributing to the global warming issue. There can be no denying that the earth has been warming for the last 17 years, as 16 of those years are the hottest on record and the only one that wasn't was an El Nino year in 1996. The ocean temperatures are irrefutably 1.5 degrees F hotter than any point prior. The only question is whether or not man is contributing to it, via excessive burning of fossil fuels and overwhelming the atmosphere with too much carbon dioxide, causing a blanket effect and trapping heat on the earth that would have previously been radiated into space.

It is not necessary to completely eliminate fossil fuel burning, but just to cut it back to at least a break even point, where the amount of carbon dioxide which the atmosphere and earth can naturally handle is not exceeded. Plant life breathes carbon dioxide, so if the amount put out is brought back to a naturally manageable level things will even out.

People who can afford cars like the Chevy Volt and other hybrid electric cars should be buying them (leasing is a very affordable option for anyone driving less than 12,000 miles per year). You don't need to be a scientist or engineer to contribute to the solution. This is also probably the best way, short of indictments, to get at the real perpetrators of 911.

An intriguing comment, Tony:

"People who can afford cars like the Chevy Volt and other hybrid electric cars should be buying them (leasing is a very affordable option for anyone driving less than 12,000 miles per year). You don't need to be a scientist or engineer to contribute to the solution.
This is also probably the best way, short of indictments, to get at the real perpetrators of 911."

Intriguing, but can you please explain that last sentence? How would this "get at the real perpetrators of 911"?

Note added: Also, would a new energy solution available to the public, such as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (google, LENR) ""get at the real perpetrators of 911" somehow?

The fact that we know the

the buildings were loaded with some form of demolition devices, and were not taken down by aircraft impacts and fires, shows there was involvement by individuals other than those on the aircraft.

The aftermath shows who benefited the most, and it most certainly was the oil industry. The mosaic of the conspiracy shows it was perpetrated by people involved in or connected to the oil industry, to gain public support for the use of the U.S. military for resource wars wherever they wanted them under the guise of the War on Terror. With public fear of terrorism, due to the shock from 911, and support for fighting it, all the perpetrators then needed to do to take control of an area was have their political operatives say “look there are terrorists there who are threatening us”.

The use of large quantities of hybrid electric cars will reduce oil consumption significantly.

Did you see the link I provided about the U.S. Navy trying to go to alternatives and the flack they are getting from Republicans?

I think there is starting to be a thoughtful process in the background. A few years ago Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic airlines) came out and said he was putting his entire 3 billion dollar fortune into renewable energy research and development. I saw him say in an interview on CBS around the same time “if we don’t undercut these oil people this world is doomed”.

Of course, any energy generating method that does not involve oil or gas would get at the real perpetrators of 911, so I would also say LENR is a way to do that. It appears to be much cleaner than traditional nuclear fission and if it would preclude what happened at Fukishima I would certainly support it.

Thank you, Tony. I find we are in full agreement!

I was surprised a year ago at the virulence of those here attacking me for studying alternative energy -- not involving fossil fuels. I have continued in the alt-energy research anyway -- and I am glad that you support such research.

My research includes LENR, and there is a conference in Korea in August 2012 on the subject, ICCF17. A friend of mine at a lab in the Washington DC area will be there, reporting very interesting results. I wish I could attend this year as I have in some earlier convenings, but my income level now does not permit. Still, I have sufficient to carry on with research locally.

Electric rail will also help

The use of electric trains for moving goods across country, and the use of trucks for more local deliveries only, and electric streetcars coming back in cities will also help to put a dent in fossil fuel use and lower carbon dioxide production.

Last July I took a job with a company involved in Lithium battery design and am getting involved in the design of large batteries for use in hybrid electric streetcars. This allows them to retain regenerative braking energy and not to need overhead catenary electric lines everywhere on the route. Nearly 80 cities in North America are in the planning, development, or construction stage of new electric streetcar systems right now and the Obama administration has been helpful in doing this.

General Electric is also looking at these large battery systems for use on the large mining dump trucks to get the regenerative braking energy back. The transportation authorities in many cities are also looking at batteries to get the regenerative braking energy back. SEPTA is doing it here in Philadelphia and they say they will cut down their electric bill by 10%. Every time a six car elevated or subway train pulls up to a station it is a 15 second braking event and generates 3 MW of electricity since they use the electric traction motors for braking. However, up until now they have been just burning off the generated electric in resistors on top of the cars. With batteries alongside the tracks they recapture that energy. They say the payback in savings vs. the investment in batteries will be very rapid.

There is a lot of "low hanging fruit" savings in energy we can get just with the use of batteries. The complimentary step is to generate the electric with wind, solar, wave, tidal, and possibly LENR if it works as advertised. Of course, we will always need some form of liquid fuels and biomass can provide that. Food stocks should not be used here, and don't need to be with algae being much more efficient.

The motives behind 911 are not a mystery and all academics, scientists, engineers, and everyone of good conscience should be well versed in what is actually going on energy wise in the world and doing what he/she can to help the move to alternatives/renewables to thwart non-peaceful issues with it, and to help lower the carbon dioxide emissions to eliminate any chance that we are causing global warming. People like Dick Cheney and his secret national energy policy meetings and the subsequent ruse on Sept. 11, 2001 should not be allowed to carry the day.

Electric Rail

"The use of electric trains for moving goods across country....." Indeed! The TVA pumps surplus energy uphill at night to form a water reservoir "battery." This power could easily be used in a rail system and consumed directly and more efficiently if trains were scheduled to run at night and consume power as it is generated, obviating the inefficiency of pumping the water uphill.

Yes, there is a lot of low hanging fruit

like the one you mention here and those I mentioned above.

If we had a real national energy policy there are a lot of things that could be done quickly to cut down on energy waste and improve efficiencies. Here is a link to information about Microgrids, which will revolutionize the way electricity is generated and increase efficiencies while providing an opening for an en masse buildout of renewables

I do think a number of people behind the scenes want to move in those directions, including many in the Obama administration, but there are special interests fighting it. Some of these interests (oil companies are the biggest) simply don't want to take a lesser role and were even willing to pull a 911 to keep their place. Eventually they are going to take a lesser role.

Very well said, Tony.

And as you noted astutely,
[quote]The motives behind 911 are not a mystery and all academics, scientists, engineers, and everyone of good conscience should be well versed in what is actually going on energy wise in the world and doing what he/she can to help the move to alternatives/renewables .... People like Dick Cheney and his secret national energy policy meetings and the subsequent ruse on Sept. 11, 2001 should not be allowed to carry the day. [/quote]

Yes, I remember Cheney's secret ENERGY policy meetings. Good point.

Alternative energy is a PATH where the 9/11 community can join us, join in and have POSITIVE impact!

PS -- for the record, here is my post from April 2011 regarding ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESEARCH, where I was basically shouted down...

It seems the climate for these ideas and bold initiatives has now improved.
Thanks again, my friend.

Major grid-down in India, relevant here

As reported in USAToday:
"NEW DELHI (AP) – India's energy crisis cascaded over half the country Tuesday when three of its regional grids collapsed, leaving 620 million people without government-supplied electricity in one of the world's biggest-ever blackouts."

This could happen in the US and Europe also. EMP is one potential (I think likely) cause: EMP from the sun, or from an EMP weapon detonated high above the earth.

Thus again, I find motivation for research on in-home (off-grid) energy sources; such as I and Tony are working on.

NOTE: the term "perpetual motion machine" (thanks for the comment) reflects an incorrect understanding of the physics involved in the research I'm doing; but is used as a "smoke screen" or excuse to avoid the subject.

alternative energy

prof jones; thank you sincerely for all you have done for truth and are doing for a war-free, sustainable future. your courage, combined with intelligence and opportunity form a rare conjunction in the world, it seems. have you seen the movie 'thrive"? please check it out. i thought of you when i recently saw it, specifically because of this energy i think you are researching. (sorry; i'm no physicist, and my memory is poor. it's a beautiful and important, even brave film/movement i'd be interested in your comment. are on a limb far out enough. again, thanks. lynn b

Yes, familiar with Thrive movie

and I found it encouraging! Thanks. Note that there are several approaches to alt-energy that are being pursued and the movie touches on some of these.

The alternative energy research community is quite large now with active researchers around the globe. For example, the conference on LENR (mostly) goes to Korea this month, ICCF-17. While I would certainly not endorse all the speakers there, some are doing solid scientific research, such as Dr. Graham Hubler of NRL. As is common in nascent fields of science IMO, some researchers like my friend Graham are very painstaking in their measurements, others are more speculative and less evidence-grounded. This comment seems to apply to 9/11 research as well...

Microgrids will keep that from happening in the future

The argument then

'I was surprised a year ago at the virulence of those here attacking me for studying alternative energy'

My clear recollection is that it wasn't non-fossil fuels per se that some commenting here were objecting to, but rather the particular kind of research you were speaking about. They objected on grounds that--so they claimed--this research was just an updating of the kind of 'perpetual motion machine' hoaxes of the past. And you maintained that they were completely wrong in characterizing it this way. For myself, I read comments in the thread, but was not in any position to argue one way or the other on such points myself. But I do wish to point out that I don't think there was anything being said in opposition to the whole range of clean, renewable energy possibilities as such.

Whatever the research, I hope the results prove encouraging.

Re US military and renewables

If there's anything I don't wish to see made sustainable, it's US militarism and imperialism.

That isn't a realistic view

I think most of us would like to live in a world where there was no need for militaries, but that isn't reality.

Although he wasn't specific, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus is on record as saying oil has been the cause of a number of wars and that we would like to avoid that situation. However, I think it was clear that he was also referring to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition to their attempt to move to biofuels the U.S. military is also looking to move to self generated electric using wind and solar means. Look up the acronym "SPIDERS" and Sandia National Labs concerning Microgrids. Here Sandia is tasked with developing the Microgrid and turning over the technology to the civilian sector.

The U.S. military is at the forefront of a push to move to alternative energies and that will help it become a reality in the civilian world and will cut down and eventually eliminate our use of non-renewable resources and wars for resources. It will also cut down on the carbon emissions which we certainly need to do. Biofuels are carbon neutral because the plant mass they are made from consumed carbon dioxide during its growth.

The bottom line is that society needs to be moving away from fossil fuels as much as possible and that would also include coal, although that did not have anything to do with 911. I think we can put the coal miners to work on massive wind farms. Windmills do better when they are located on hills and away from surface friction, and it seems most coal mines are located in hilly country.

For the record

I wasn't suggesting a world without any militaries. By 'militarism,' I wasn't referring to the use of armed forces for the legitimate purpose of national defense (properly understood) and deterrence of outside attack. I was referring to the use of military might to advance imperial or other foreign policy agendas, through 'big stick' intimidation or worse.

I understand

However, we should be giving credit where it is due, and a number of people in the U.S. military are actively trying to prevent wars with this move to renewables and alternative liquid fuels and are being obstructed by paid off politicians trying to keep the status quo going for the good old boys who are backing them. It is those people you really have the problem with.

Thank You

We could use a whole lot more exposure like this.

Show ""Interestingly enough," by waitew

Dr Daniele Ganser

Ten Years after 9 11, Dr Daniele Ganser, 01-09-2011, Full version worth watching again, this guy knows how to get the message over.


i cannot get this to play. anyone else having trouble??? thanks for posting.

I watched it once

and when I went to look at it again it wasn't working and I found that to be true on my computers at both home and work.

I sent a note to the 911 Blogger moderator and he says it is working for him.

I asked if it could be re-uploaded.

It still does work on all my

It still does work on all my computers, but you can download the original video incl. subtitles here, if there's a problem:
more mirrors:

Enough Available Renewable Energies To Power The Planet Daily

There is reportedly enough combined wind, solar and hydro-electric energy potential to power the entire planet at least several times over per day. And the advances in battery technology are also a significant benefit. Over 2/3 of the world's surface is covered by water, which is in constant motion.

One should seriously ask why governments and industry have refused to invest in renewable energy infrastructure in any substantial way.

Keeping the world dependent on non-renewable energy sources whose supplies can be arbitrarily priced and whose availability can be arbitrarily limited, seemingly provides the global elite a degree of control and power over people and economies.

Germany and Japan will wind up leading the renewables buildout

and I find it interesting that these two countries who lost World War II are the ones who will be doing that. In an attempt to find some level of meaning there I wonder if it is because they had the wool pulled over their collective eyes once, and suffered severely for it. I think it is the old fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. These people aren't going for nonsense and are forcing the right thing to be done. Propaganda won't work on them as it was played too hard on them before.

See this short article about Germany's solar power production, and here about Japan

translation of tv program

it would still be nice to hear this/be able to play it here. i did listen to prof ganser's may '12 lecture in which he speaks of mihop and lihop. so, please re upload/present this for comparison purposes. he also has a great article in the book (essay collection) about 9/11, 'intellectuals speak out.'

I found out a couple of days ago that if I hit the Share button

on the video in the upper right, and copied the link into my browser, I can play it.