9/11: AE911Truth Action Group Leaders Embark on Cross-Country Bike Ride

9/11: Journey for Truth
Written by Marta Nielsen

Orcas Island resident Rena Patty embarks today on the journey of lifetime – a bicycle ride across America.   Patty, with traveling companion Pamela Senzee from Phoenix, AZ, expects to take 90 days to reach their destination New York City. Both women are Action Group Team Leaders for the nonprofit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth). Their journey is dedicated to all who have died and suffered loss on account of 9/11. Their mission is to educate the public about the scientific forensic evidence of the destruction of the three World Trade Center (WTC) hi-rises on 9/11 and to introduce people to the experts at AE911Truth.

Rena Patty will be educating Americans about the 9/11 evidence as she treks from coast to coast

The women have concern about the accuracy of reports produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the government agency tasked to analyze the destruction of the WTC hi-rises on 9/11. WTC building 7 was the third hi-rise to collapse on 9/11. At 5:20 p.m., WTC 7 collapsed suddenly into its own footprint in about 6.5 seconds, the first 2.25 seconds at a rate indistinguishable from free-fall. NIST claims the building fell because of normal office fires. Structural engineers from AE911Truth requested to see the computer model used by NIST to explain the sudden collapse of WTC 7. NIST refused, saying that to release the computer model would “jeopardize public safety.” More than 1700 credentialed architects and engineers have signed the AE911Truth petition calling for an independent investigation into the destruction of the WTC hi-rises on 9/11. 

Pam Senzee has coordinated several successful events for AE911Truth in the Phoenix area

On their journey, Patty and Senzee are distributing a new documentary, “9/11: Experts Speak Out.” The documentary features interviews with the most highly credentialed AE911Truth petition signers. Experts like Richard Humenn, former chief electrical engineer for the WTC complex, and Roland Angle, a civil engineer who was responsible for designing blast resistance of the Minuteman Missile silos. Patty says, “This bike trip is not about us, it’s about introducing people to these experts.” The idea of a bike ride arose two months ago as Patty and Senzee brainstormed ideas of possible legal nonviolent actions to bring attention to this issue. Patty says, “My college degree is in science. The scientific evidence presented by AE911Truth looks extremely important to me. We wanted to do something big enough to let people know how important this issue is to us.”

Anticipating traveling 40–80 miles per day, the women will cross the North Cascades on Highway 20 and continue across the Rockies in northern Montana. They expect to arrive in New York City by late October. Patty visited the WTC site in October, 2011, while participating in the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zucotti Park in New York City.

The two are carrying basic camping gear. Connections for places to stop are drawn from the AE911Truth petition signer list. They also are carrying video equipment to film the ride. To learn more and follow their journey, visit their blog at www.911journeyfortruth.org. Donations to support the ride will be accepted through the website.

You can learn more about the tour and contribute to their effort at www.911journeyfortruth.org.

Good luck Rena and Pam

If you live on their rout, please publicize their passing thru.

bike ride

thanks so much for your dedication, and good luck! wish i could join you. lynnb




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Getting the information out to more people in a positive way!

Hello friends at 9/11 blogger:

We’re now in eastern Montana. The spaces here feel endless. Riding through these open spaces and small towns feels like a silent vigil for healing from 9/11.

Through small towns, we’ve been handing out 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out DVD’s. We didn’t know exactly what we’d be doing when we started this journey. For now we’re in a pattern of hand delivering DVD’s to fire districts, law enforcement officers and religious leaders, and to people on the street who are friendly enough to ask where we are riding to or from.

In almost every case we are giving information about 9/11 to people who have never heard of AE911Truth. While the forensic science is new to most people, many people we meet are already skeptical and questioning the official story of 9/11. The majority of people have an intuitive sense that the buildings should not have fallen the way they did, “That was weird the way the buildings came straight down like that.” Many are skeptical and suspicious of federal government in general. Others have bought some version of misinformation, “So these architects and engineers are calling for better design standards for buildings, right? Is that what this is about?” Or they say, “It mush have been the intense shaking of the ground caused by the falling towers that caused the third skyscraper to fall. Is that right?”

It is satisfying to give people information that is new to them. In some towns, we’ve had the good fortune to initiate a conversation with a police chief, a fire chief, a county sheriff or a fire investigator. The bicycles and our commitment demonstrated by riding across the country are great for opening sincere conversations. Almost uniformly we’ve received respect and willingness to listen and consider new information.

We are giving information to people new to AE911Truth’s work. For the forensic evidence presented by AE911Truth to reach even more people, AE911Truth needs support. Please, in honor of our bike tour, if you have not already done so, sign the AE911Truth petition. Sign up for the free AE911Truth newsletter. And if you are able, please contribute financially to AE911Truth. The vital work of AE911Truth will thrive in proportion to the support we give to it.

To donate to AE911Truth or to read regular updates about our bike tour, visit www.911journeyfortruth.org.

Thank you everyone for keeping the torch of 9/11 truth burning!