Is a network of disinformationists muddying the waters on the Aurora Shooting and other terror events?

It seems some are noticing that there seems to be a heavy campaign underway to distort the events surrounding the Aurora Colorado Dark Knight Rises theater shooting. It is mainly coming from a group of websites associated with stringing the most outlandish conspiracy theories up with 9/11 and other terrorist events occurring around the world. Most of these types of websites deal with completely outlandish subjects such as Alien Abductions and stir those into the pot with honest discussions. A few are more subtle. has been following the story but as is usual, the proprietor is injecting tiny amounts of disinformation into the story as he goes.

He loves to tell his readership how he is horrified by all of the ignorance on the internet, yet he regularly links to rightwing propaganda videos but makes disclaimers to his supposed leftwing readership to just ignore the propaganda parts but pay attention to the parts that he feels important. No credible researcher would take such a tactic unless their motive was to muddy the waters.

In 2008, the Cannonfire blog was using the word of Larry Johnson to make all sorts of strange accusations regarding Obama. In particular Cannon by way of Johnson was making the claim that there was in existence an audio recording in which Michelle Obama had used the word "Whitey." Many felt at the time that this was simply a blackmail threat against Obama's campaign. Johnson provided the disinfo, Cannon distributed Johnson's claims without much scrutiny. It appears the entire event was a hoax since the tape has never surfaced.

It was noted by his readers at the time that Cannon who claims to be against "wild and wooley" conspiracy theories was using every "wild and wooley" conspiracy theory fed to him by Larry Johnson to make his points. Larry Johnson was a CIA agent and in 2000 was involved with writing an article about the threat posed by rising terror superstars "Al-Qaeda."

Cannon regularly cooks up conspiracy theories about CIA involvement in various events. So why would Cannon knowingly take disinformation from a guy who was a known CIA agent?

In the early days Cannonfire.blogspot seemed to be close to the Rigorous Intuition and bradblog websites according to the davefromqueens2 website. Interestingly, the operators of all three of these websites will not allow their readers to discuss Controlled Demolition theories of 9/11. Cannon used to be in California but now claims to be on the East Coast, Rigorous Intuition is based out of Toronto Ontario and Davefromqueens2 is out of the Boston area. The davefromqueens2 website has made the claim that the cannonfire blog, Rigorous Intuition and Bradblog were somehow cooperating in a scheme to tamper with the U.S. presidential elections. The late Andy Stephenson had involvement with some of the characters listed above. Andy Stephenson had gone on to the Democratic Undergound website and injected himself into the election reform and vote fraud awareness movement. Stephenson then went on to inject the John DeCamp Satanic child abuse mythology into the election reform work and therefore muddied the waters of the work being done on Democratc Underground. John DeCamp was tied to Operation Phoenix torture programs during Vietnam. His story of Satanic child abuse seems to be a cover for something else. The involvement of the Catholic church in child abuse at Catholic run Boy's Town in Nebraska. Decamp doesn't seem to have much to say about the Catholic angle to the scandal.

Cannon has claimed that at one point he was writing a book on the Petaluma California Polly Klass case:

The Polly Klaas case intersects with the John Mark Karr case, which intersects with the Jon Benet Ramsey case which brings us right back to Colorado. (Karr an ex-substitute teacher and day care operator was arrested in Thailand after claiming he killed Jon Benet Ramsey)

Although Cannon claims to be angry about the amount of ignorance being promoted on the internet he himself is the author of a hoax. In fact, every year Cannon makes one of these hoax posts on April's Fool day. And to give credit where due, when people ask him about the posts he always reminds them to check the date. The one that is most prominent is his hoax claim that Barbara Bush's father is Aleister Crowley. This hoax has made a wide circulation on sites such as and other sites that work to muddy the waters.

But there seems to be something else going on with Cannon's blog. He has a new blog post up below:

"More weird stuff about the Batman massace"

He again points to a dubious source but tells his readers to just ignore the dubious parts. This is something he does often. Rather than choosing a legit source, he chooses a dubious source, or an anti-semitic source and tells readers to ignore the bad parts. A credible writer wouldn't do this. His site targets the left, but is he trying to sheepdip his readers into far right memes? He talks down conspiracy theories, but is quick to use dubious sources to tie Israel into his theories and ignore other angles. He explains his reason for linking to a "whacky" conspiracy site:

"2. The bloody trail. Photos of the crime scene -- specifically, the back of the theater -- reveal a couple of anomalies which should cause even the most resolutely non-paranoid to raise an eyebrow. The spadework has been done by some hard-core conspiracy spotters who, alas, have a bad habit of reaching their conclusions by way of the broadjump.

That said, we must give credit where due. So check out two videos (here and here) by a guy named Thomas Brinkley, about whom I know nothing. Please apply your own personal filter to separate the wacky observations from the worthwhile ones. "

And he cautions against making broad jumps. But then what does he do? He makes a very broad jump...

"These photos clearly show a trail of blood beginning some ways away from the presumed attacker's vehicle. (The white car belonged to Holmes.) The blood spatter indicates direction: The victim ran toward the theater.

We know that we are dealing with a female because pinks shoes (flip flops?) are near the doorway. Brinkley believes that the shoe belonged to a little girl, and that Holmes or a partner dragged her off to be raped. I do not accept that reconstruction. For one thing, the shoes look like they belonged to an adult. The length of the stride also indicates an adult victim.

Clearly, an unknown female victim was shot or wounded outside the auditorium, in the parking lot behind the theater, and she ran for safety toward the theater."

He doesn't accept that reconstruction because the shoes belong to an adult? Maybe he shouldn't accept that reconstruction because there is absolutely no evidence except from a right wing disinformationist that a "little girl" is missing from this event or was ever claimed to be missing or raped. There were dozens of people running from that theater, the blood and flip flops could belong to anyone. So why did Brinkley inject the "little girl" red herring into this shooting when it seems to have absolutely zero basis in fact? And why did Cannon muddy the waters by linking to this crap and then himself injecting the "little girl" theory into the readers mind right before rejecting it? Cannon seems to be perfectly ok with using dubious sources in his blog posts. What he is never ok with, is for his readership to post any material whatsoever that investigates Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center towers. It doesn't matter how legitimate the source is, discussion of Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center is strictly off limits. Just like it is strictly off limits, at the Rigorous Intuition website.

If you look at these mass shootings in general, you will start to notice a very strange and recurrent pattern. The shootings tend to involve children. Or those who work with children.

Anders Breivik, the Norway shooter, shot around 77 children at a Norway children's camp, allegedly tied to the Norwegian left. There was a Jewish angle to the Breivik story in that the children at the camp were somehow said to be sympathetic to Hamas. There is also a Jewish angle to the children's camp James Holmes worked for. He worked for the Max Strauss Camp which is run by Jewish Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Los Angeles. The Columbine shooting which also occurred in Colorado involved the shooting of children. The Virginia Tech mass shooting involved the shooting of young adults, college students.

Cannon can make a tenuous connection that pink flip flops near a trail of blood must mean that the blood belongs to the owner of the pink flip flops. But here is an interesting coincidence that Cannon and other bloggers in his circle will probably not ever take a closer look at. James Holmes was from San Diego, almost exactly 28 years before the July 20th Aurora shooting there was a San Diego(San Ysidro) shooting at a McDonald's in which 21 were killed. The Aurora shooting was likewise preceeded by the Columbina Colorado shooting. Aurora, Colorado theatergoer Jessica Redfield/Ghawi had been at the site of another shooting in a Toronto mall just about a month before the Aurora shooting. She is from Texas. Is this fact simply a strange coincidence? That is very possible. The man she was with in the theater and gave information to her brother about her death had flown up from Texas to see the movie with her. After he was shot he ended up in the Aurora Children's Hospital from which his parents had given at least two well publicized interviews to the news media. Or is it possible that we see are seeing events and people, wittingly or unwittingly clustering around something that is not yet understood?

This photo op below confuses me, here are Jessica's friend Brent Lowak's parents at the Aurora Children's hospital giving an interview about the shooting. They are sitting in front a background clearly marked with the logo of the Children's Hospital. Why would a children's hospital want this type of publicity surrounding such a negative event? The Children's Hospital is apparently located on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Joseph Cannon

I first visited cannonfire from a comment on bradblog .It soon become obvious that Joseph was hiding a personal agenda . He pushed his "alternate" "liberal" "leftwing" leaning but his posts suggested otherwise. Then he became violently opposed to anyone suggesting control demolition was involved in 911. I posted a link to this (I think) classic WTC7 video ( ) and he called me a "clown" and threatened to ban me from his site . He used the argument ,that his site was like his home and that if I visited his site (as in his home) I was bound by his rules ! Gatekeeper comes to mind .

Brad at bradblog became very anti 911 truth once the Israel connection was mentioned . Maybe it's a heritage thing ? But sadly Israeli nationals where arrested on 911 with explosives in their vans etc..


What I noticed was that there were three separate eye witness accounts of an accomplice - all of which seemed to correlate. I doubt whether this could be seeded as disinfo.

The official story is lacking details but the time frame for Holmes to get a phone call, prop open an emergency door (disputed by the witnesses above), go get his gear, come back in and cause destruction, go back outside and distribute evidence such as gas mask, return to his car and wait for the police all seem hazy and weak.

Accomplices, and Holmes-as-a-patsy, appears to fit the evidence better.

Of possible interest

Some more information that may be of interest--from Jerry Mazza at 'Intrepid Report':

James Holmes family connected to DARPA and mind manipulation work

Gladio type Networks in USA?

There are quite a few interesting things with this story. Its gets a bit murky when talking about this type of thing because there are two types of phenomena at work. Collusions and conspiracies and another aspect you might call uncanny Coincidence. In the case of the Sikh temple shootings in Wisconsin you have the fact that the shooter Wade Michael Page was from the Littleton Colorado area. Went to High School there. This is significant because the Columbine shootings occurred in the Littleton Colorado area. And James Holmes did his massacre at the Aurora Colorado theater. This might imply evidence of some type of network. Or maybe it simply says something about the psychology of some people living in Colorado. In the second case of uncanny coincidences, Wade Michael Page lived on Holmes street. This coincidence can be tied back to James Holmes by way of his surname. I do not though, necessarily believe he purposely chose a street named Holmes as part of some larger conspiracy. It seems to be one of those uncanny "coincidences." That is where you have to be careful researching this stuff.

But the fact that Anwar al-Awlaki had a presence in both Fort Collins, Colorado and in San Diego California is interesting to me. James Holmes had a presence in both San Diego and in Aurora Colorado. Some of the alleged 9/11 hijackers also took up root in San Diego. Fort Hood, Texas shooter Nidal Malik Hasan (Palestinian) was tied to Anwar al-Awlaki. I find it interesting that the Texas girl who was killed in the Aurora shooting had part Palestinian ancestry. I am not saying she was anything other than an observer... but what I am curious about is that there appears to be something larger behind what we are told is going on. It would be interesting to me to look closer at the chain of events that led her to Colorado for work, if she may have been unwittingly in the middle of something she was not aware of. I don't know at this point what this "larger" thing is and who at a higher vantage point may be manipulating those who come in contact with it. I am not 100% sure it exists. It just appears to me that some type of manipulation may be going on.

If I had to make a guess at what is going on, I would say this is a manipulation coming from power players in D.C., in U.S. Intel and NATO manipulating Neo-Nazis in a Gladio style strategy of tension in the USA. An Anti-Communist network at the higher levels which is usually responsible for this type of thing. For what purpose? To keep nudging U.S. politics to the right. To drum the US into more wars.

Cattle mutilations are back in the news in Colorado again:

Anyone who looks back in time will see that the cattle mutilation craze began back in the 70s at about the time Nixon and the spooks were getting hung out to try for dirty tricks against the American public. The cattle mutilation and UFO phenomena were a campaign of fear against the American public to try and keep them in line. After the investigations in the 70s, the CIA and other groups created the "Safari Club" in which to out source dirty tricks to places like Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries. Another interesting thing, is that the head of the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, his son was involved with Dr. Steven Greer's UFO disclosure project. Now, all over the internet, the whackos are trying to tie the Sikh temple shooting in with some type of higher UFO Revelation. UFO's have often been a useful tool in the psychological operations bag of tricks.

Is a rogue network once again running psychological warfare operations against the American public? (Remember, Wade Michael Page was a psychological operations guy from Fort Bragg)

"Rampage"(movie) -"The Lone Gunman" for Aurora

Anyone every see the film "Rampage". It was a direct-to-video movie from about 3 years ago, but actually fairly well done. The beyond-coincidental similarities remind me of the infamous Lone Gunman WTC episode and 9/11.

-"Rampage" plot: a loner early-20s guy gets several guns, buys a full body armor suit online, remotely blows up the town's police station to distract all of the area police, and then proceeds to shoot everyone he sees on the other side of town.

-Aurora plot: a loner early-20s guy gets several guns, buys a full body armor suit online, remotely has his home stereo turn on at full blast at midnight (but unsuccessfully gets the intended noise complaint which would have attracted the police and require them to force entry which would have set off the booby traps, which would have distracted all of the area police), and then proceeds to shoot everyone he sees on the other side of town.

Though, its the movie ending that would make many people look at the Aurora "suspect" a little differently. Unsurprisingly, the media hasn't noticed these plot similarities at all.

You can see the full movie on Youtube either here:

or here:

Because at the end of the movie...

**movie spolier alert- don't read the following if you intend to see the movie**

..the rampaging maniac then sets up his unknowing friend as a patsy to take the fall for the crime, while the maniac gets away scot-free. The end.

Just thought of this

There was also a film released a couple of months ago, a black comedy entitled 'God Bless America', which includes a scene in which the film's protagonist, a fed-up middle-aged man, pulls out a gun while trying to watch a movie in a theatre and shoots the people behind him because they keep talking while the film is in progress.

Lots of people are feeling fed up these days, and I think one effect events like this can have (hoping I'm not being too general or too speculative) is to cause people to be more guarded in how they express themselves, lest they be perceived as a 'dangerous loner.'