Too Good of a Location to Pass-Up for Civil Info Actions

Past 9-11 Civil Information Actions at Heritage Days 2008-2011

This will be my fifth year doing civil information actions during Edmonton's popular Heritage Days. This has proven to be one of my best locations for civil information actions in the city that never stops questioning today's events. Highly receptive for truth, news and information, I have done 4 consecutive years of 9/11 truth actions alone at this location. Last year from this location I received many petitioned signatures adding to the 900-plus petitions collected over a 10 month span of civil actions . This 9/11 petition that for now sits idle in Ottawa, calls for a public independent investigation of 9/11 in Canada.

Now retired as a full time 9/11 truth activist - It's my public newsletter "The Civil Information Activist" that features 5 years of youtube reports covering stories of the Arab Spring, Occupy Edmonton, Omar Khadr, environmental and sustainability stories, activism in arts and of course 9/11 Truth. All this I'll be sharing with patrons at Heritage days this year. ALSO Double Duty of Promotions for me at this same location... I'm joining forces with local Film Maker (and 9/11 Truther) Teace Snyder, directer of the 9/11 film "Blindfold", and Captain Bruce Sinclair (a core member of pilots for 9/11 truth). We'll be leafleting to help raise funds for Teace's full length feature film "Hold Me". Also included will be the insert The 9/11 Investigator broadsheet newspaper by provided freely by Richard Gage AIA from his recent visit to Edmonton, and the friends and supporters of 9/11 Truth in Edmonton.

Hold Me Indie Film - LINK