Statement For 9/11 Justice, Please Sign

To America, and the world.

We were lied to about 9/11. About the financing of the attacks, about foreknowledge of the attacks, about the air response that morning, and about many other aspects of the 9/11 atrocities.

Each investigation into 9/11, including the Joint Congressional Inquiry, the PENTTBOM investigation, the CIA IG, the DoD IG, the 9/11 Commission (especially the 9/11 Commission), and other investigations each had their own version of corruption and compromise.

Because we don't have subpoena power, access to all of the documentation, and access to all of the people that we would need to speak to, it is impossible for us to determine what actually happened that day, and who was ultimately responsible.

That being said, there are many provable lies and omissions concerning what we were told.

Therefore, we believe there is no justification for the "Post-9/11 World," and everything that entails.

We believe the "9/11 Card" that is often played by our politicians and the media no longer has merit, if it ever did.

We believe there needs to be real justice and accountability for what happened that day, and not the kind you find at GITMO.

We believe the family members who lost someone that day, and the people of the world both require and deserve this.

We believe it is the right thing to do.


Click here to sign.

So far...

Ray McGovern, Cindy Sheehan, Daniel Sunjata, Dahlia Wasfi, Reggie Cervantes (9/11 First Responder), John Judge, and 100+ other people have signed it.

The reason I wrote this is because I believe a strong statement like this needs to exist. I believe that we need to collectively put our feet down on this issue.

I am hoping it goes viral.

Edit: Lorie Van Auken and Coleen Rowley just signed it.


Marsh O'Connor just signed it.


Escobar, and William Rivers Pitt just signed it.

Sibel Edmonds...

Just signed.

100% agree.

100% agree.

Joe Stokes

just signed


Happy to be in such good company.

I created...

A commercial for this...

That's being played on Cindy's show this week. Almost 500 signatures in 2 weeks.

Well over...

800 signatures in less than a month.


Jon, you reached 1000 today, in time for the 11th anniversary!

Over 1,000 signatures...

In a little over a month.