Wisconsin Shooter has Ties to Colorado? Is the Network Becoming Exposed?

Latest news for those watching all of this unfold is that Wisconsin Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page also has ties to Colorado. In fact, he has ties to the Littleton Colorado area where he attended high school.


The Columbine shooting occurred in 1999 at Colombine High School which is in the Littleton Colorado area where Wade Michael Page went to high school also, a few years prior to the Columbine shooting.

The latest news reveals that Wade Michael Page had been at Fort Bragg in Psychological Operations and had apparently just recently moved to Wisconsin from North Carolina(Is he part of a cell that asked him to move?). He had also been in Texas at Fort Bliss.

The connections surrounding the James Holmes Auro Colorado shooting involved San Diego California, and Aurora Colorado(in addition to some oblique ties I mentioned in the prior post to Texas and Toronto, Ontario)

Deceased Terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki also had been based out of Colorado and San Diego California. And we know that some of the 9/11 hijackers were based out of San Diego. And that alleged Terror Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad had attended school in North Carolina. And that Ali Mohammad who was involved with the World Trade Center 1993 bombing was also at Fort Bragg. Anwar al-Awlaki even got an invite to the Pentagon while he was being suspected of terror ties. In the end, the USA allowed him to escape and go to Yemen where he began stirring up trouble again... conveniently for both the Pentagon and Saudi Arabia which wanted U.S. involvement in Yemen.

The Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan also fits into this pattern. He was in communication with Anwar al-Awlaki in the months before the shootings. He is being watched by U.S. intelligence but his communications with al-Awlaki are ignored. He goes to Texas where he shoots up a bunch of soldiers. And also, Nidal Malik Hasan had Palestinian heritage in his background. This is only somewhat interesting because Jessica Ghawi (from Texas) who was shot in the Colorado theater with her male friend from Texas... Ghawi had Palestinian background too. I am not saying SHE did anything here... but I am curious if she may have been swimming in the wrong circles. Of course there are certain groups that would love to see Palestinians involved with Terror attacks in the USA to gather public support for tougher U.S. policies against Palestinians. It would be interesting to find out how Hasan got to where he was? Who was behind his movement all the way to Fort Hood Texas? Did he have "juice" from higher ups in the Pentagon? In Texas? In the Army? Was there something behind the scenes maneuvering Ghawi to Colorado? To Toronto? To the Aurora theater?

What are we looking at? Whatever it is, it seems to have some juice ("protection")... and has had it for a long time. (Why did the FBI never look deeply into Timothy McVeigh's support network?) That juice if you haven't already guessed it, must be coming from higherups... but this part is what remains the mystery.

It seems a domestic terror network in the USA that has been covered up by the FBI, various police departments and other agencies going on about 20 years. The FBI never did look very closely at German Andreas Strassmeier's involvement with the Oklahoma City bombing. In fact they allowed him to flee the country with help from a KKK Lawyer and special forces guy in North Carolina.

It is also interesting that one of the people shot in the Wisconsin shooting, the President of the Sikh temple Satwant Singh Kaleka whose son Amardeep Singh Kaleka is a filmmaker. Amardeep has been making the claim that there were 4 shooters dressed in black. But unfortunately no one else is making this odd claim, at least not that I have found. (I still haven't found the video where he makes the claim, when I do I will post it. It seems to be fact that the video exists). There is a lot of disinformation out there trying to claim these shootings are all staged by Hollywood actors. There are several UFO related type sites that are heavily pushing this. I am suspicious that there may have been more than 1 shooter, but associating this line of research with UFOs only makes it that much harder to untangle the truth. The multiple shooters line or research then becomes what controlled demolition is to 9/11. Possibly the most rational explanation to explain the unexplainable has been covered with so much disinformation that respectable researchers feel they need to steer clear of it. But that is the point behind the existence of UFO mythology since its beginnings... To take the most rational and likely explanation (top secret U.S. aircraft technology) and spam it with ridiculous theories to steer the rational away from further inquiry that has the potential to solve the puzzle.

The "4 Shooters" meme is similar to some of the disinfo surrounding the Aurora shooting, the Arizona Jared Loughner shooting and also the Luka Magnotta case in Canada. There is an odd collection of UFO type websites spinning furiously to keep these stories permanently confused (if you look carefully on some of these websites you will even notice quite a few of the spammers live in the areas under discussion.. and that on these sites many of the members seem to be crypto white supremacists). The Jared Loughner shootings in Arizona also involved strange(possibly faked) videos and a hardcore campaign by anonymous troublemakers to gum up the works with disinformation.

It is therefore quite interesting that Amardeep Singh Kaleka is also seemingly in the disinformation business. He is promoting a video with Steven Greer about "UFO Disclosure." In the video below you can see Amardeep at about the 1:00 mark:

And the UFO pushing Kaleka does indeed seem to be the same Amardeep Singh Kaleka whose father died in the Wisconsin shootings.

The plot quickens...