Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects

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By Kevin Ryan

The Wall Street Journal recently commented on the upcoming military trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM).  The article claimed that KSM and four other terrorists were somehow making a mockery of the U.S. justice system by trying to “use the open military trial to promote jihad and discredit American institutions, including the military system of justice.”[1]  Unsuspecting readers might think that an “open military trial” would actually be less reflective of American institutions than the (actually open) civil trial requested for KSM by many of the 9/11 victims’ families.  But the more important question is – are the right terrorists being brought to trial?

That question is not welcome in polite conversation.

For example, last August I was invited to appear on National Public Radio (NPR) to discuss the lasting phenomenon of 9/11 skepticism.  The show’s regular host was replaced by a woman who had clearly made up her mind about the subject.  Ironically, throughout the show she made snide comments about “conspiracy theorists” when referring to the millions of people who don’t believe the official conspiracy theory.  Her other guests, from the Hearst Corporation and Canada’s National Post, joined her in using some variation of this phrase every thirty seconds during the hour long show.  As the sole representative of 9/11 skeptics, I was allowed five minutes to speak until it was clear the conversation was not going as intended.[2]

People listening to this verbal turkey shoot must have wondered what happened to NPR.  Had the “P” suddenly been changed to Propaganda?  Possibly, but what is more important to notice is that, when organizations become effective, they are often co-opted by powerful interests that have hidden agendas.  As reported by Robert Parry, the co-opting of National Public Radio by right-wing corporatists is a great example.[3]  Another example of a phenomenon that has long been co-opted by powerful interests for effecting political change is terrorism.

At a minimum, 9/11 skeptics are willing to consider the possibility that the crimes of 9/11 were not just blowback but were what could be called managed blowback, or the co-opting of terrorism.  Support for this reasoning has been strengthened by the knowledge that al Qaeda was an ally of the U.S. in the recent war on Libya and is apparently working on the same side as the U.S. in Syria as well.[4,5]  None of that is surprising given that al Qaeda was born of the CIA-funded Afghan Mujahideen in the 1980s.

Adding to the suspicion that U.S. authorities are behind terrorist acts are the reports that the FBI has planned such terrorism and has engaged in entrapment of the accused “terrorists” in the years since 9/11.[6]  It appears that the CIA has been caught in the same kind of trickery recently.[7]

When applied to the 9/11 attacks, the concept of managed blowback means that there must have been others involved in allowing or encouraging 9/11 to happen for purposes other than simple retribution or symbolic gesture.  Unfortunately, the 9/11 Commission never entertained any such notions.

Our aim has not been to assign individual blame.  Our aim has been to provide the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11 and to identify lessons learned.”[8]

Yet here we are preparing to assign individual blame to KSM and a few others.

The 183 water-boarding sessions inflicted on KSM undoubtedly caused mental stress on a level that could not possibly lead to gaining useful information.  Instead, his torture was almost certainly meant to eliminate any information he otherwise might have been able to communicate.  We’ll never know because the tape recordings of those torture sessions, upon which the 9/11 Commission Report was indirectly based, were destroyed.[9]

Perhaps that is better than the treatment we gave to the other leading 9/11 suspect.  Last year we murdered Osama bin Laden without a trial and dumped his body at sea before bothering to get any information out of him about the organization he led.  It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to wonder how many lives might have been saved by the capture and interrogation of that alleged terrorist ringleader.

Some might say that, because the 9/11 Commission pointed to OBL and KSM as being the masterminds behind the attacks, its findings provide adequate legal basis for executing OBL and torturing KSM.  After all, we all know who the enemy is, right?

We learned about an enemy… [whose] purpose is to rid the world of religious and political pluralism, the plebiscite, and equal right for women. ”[10]

Unfortunately, there is significant evidence that the official conspiracy for 9/11 is not based on fact.  For one thing, the accused men were not the religious zealots that the official myth made them out to be.  KSM himself was reported by the Los Angeles Times to have spent years engaging in behavior that was far from that of a devout Muslim.  “He met associates in karaoke bars and giant go-go clubs filled with mirrors, flashing lights and bikini-clad dancers. He held meetings at four-star hotels. He took scuba-diving lessons at a coastal resort.”  No one suspected him “of being dangerous to anything but his bank account.”[11]

What kind of information could this man have that required 183 water-boarding sessions to eliminate?  How could the 9/11 Commission have possibly mistaken him for a religious fanatic?  Maybe we’ll find out in the coming year as the “open military trial” proceeds.

In the meantime, however, it is clear that other suspects should be considered.  My own research has revealed a few “white guys in ties” who, if properly investigated, will lead to the people most responsible for the 9/11 attacks.  Unlike the officially accused, these guys do not just happen to live on the resource-rich lands that Western corporations and governments so desperately need to control in order to maintain their economies.  Many alternative suspects do have strong links to governments and corporations, however, and were in position to actually accomplish one or more aspects of the attacks.

Would such an alternative group of suspects form a conspiracy that better explains the evidence?  That and other questions will be considered in a forthcoming book called Another Nineteen.  Prior to publication, related research will be made available at the website, while the government simultaneously prepares to conduct the trial of KSM and his alleged colleagues.

The attacks of 9/11 were most definitely a conspiracy and discovering the correct explanation will require a theory.  Unfortunately, attempts by official story supporters to use ridicule to prevent consideration of alternative accounts have been successful.  Theatrical media accounts and FBI and CIA-arranged terrorist events have similarly propped up the myth of 21st century terrorism and our on-again-off-again enemy called al Qaeda.  But there is a lot more to the story.  Some of us are dedicated to revealing more of the truth and if snide labels make people feel more comfortable and ready to look at legitimate suspects, I’ll take the ridicule.


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Over the Counter Sleep aids.....

I just took some over the counter sleep aids, I hope they work. I consider them kind of risky and hope that I can get my circadian rhythm back on track within a couple of days. I have a life long sleep disorder and have to make adjustments from time to time.

I tried listening to that NPR thing in the links above. When the people from Popular Mechanics came up first I turned it off right away. Because of the insomnia mentioned above, I used to go to the super market after the pre-cable TV signed off and the anthem had played and the flag dissolved into fighter jets on the screen. At the store I would stock up on magazines and read them until I became exhausted. My favorite was Scientific American . If the condition persisted and I had worked through SA then I would get Popular Mechanics but only when I had to because I had read everything else. This was way before 9/11 in the '80s. As a side note, I can record that I always got a creepy feeling reading Popular Mechanics . I know it is subjective and make of it what you will but I got the same sort of dirty feeling that I got as a Catholic schoolboy looking at girly magazines in a friends attic. Also, I always thought that Popular Mechanics was a gyp because the content was so poor.

Anyway, I did read through the comments on the NPR archive and found them refreshing. Judging from them it looked like their program back-fired. I found the last minute personal change on NPR program quite curious too. Radio and TV work on schedules if nothing else and seem to be as ridged as a Mussolini rail timetable with one having to be "wheel" like Johnny Carson to take any time off.

I no longer even glance at Scientific American because it has been so dumbed down. It used to be kind of a stretch for me to read and thus I found it educational. And of course I never look at Popular Mechanics and get cheeped out at the mention of it and that is not subjective.

Thank you

Thank you, Kevin, for enduring the ridicule and for this article. Another Nineteen is a brilliant idea. Will check it out and the NPR interview and comments. You are greatly appreciated.

Resistance is Victory

Every time NPR or Popular Mechanics respond with ad hominum and other fallacious attacks, they expose their arguments as intellectually bankrupt and the hosts as shills. They fear what you bring to the table Mr. Ryan, and that is why you are marginalized.

Keep up the great work, and i look forward to "Another Nineteen". You'll probably get all sorts of .."How could you forget!". My nominees would be Hizzonner Rudy G and Bernie Kerick.

Truth, Justice, Accountibility


The real mockery is what 9/11 made of the U.S. military. It now seems silly to have military officers parading around the pentagon in their stripes and medals while it's now clear that they looked the other way while wimpy, pencil necked, neo-cons chumped the country into wars.

Another 19

Can't wait to see your upcoming book, Kevin. Your research is the best. I thought KSM couldn't be tried because he had been tortured to confess.

Great approach - Another 19

I've been wanting Kevin Ryan to write a book for some time that lays out his research and names names. He's the perfect successor to DRG for authoring 9/11 truth.

I'm also very impressed with the journal now and would like to see it promoted widely. Welcome Graeme MacQueen as co-author. (For eg:)

How to pick just 19?

Kevin I predict you'll need Volume 2 to really cover the list, especially if you get into the cover up operation. Because after all, as Nixon showed, the cover-up is as much of a crime as the act itself and actually easier to prove.

Just off the top of my head you've also got:

Philip and Larry
Condi and Dov
Rudy and W
John and Shyam
Thomas and Lee

And truth be told, if justice really did exist, you'd have to include the cover-upper in Chief Barack Obama, who pointedly told the world regarding the 9/11 official account that "these are not opinions to be debated but facts to be dealt with".

Kevin, way to keep the pressure on these perps. They know that they've been thoroughly exposed and that can't be a comfortable feeling even if you think you'll never stand accused.

Everytime I see Pearls face.

You just keep at 'em. The idea water boarding KSM was to eliminate memory rather than just some kind of sick expression of power, or punishment, is just another something I hadn't considered possible.
You do good work.