Civil Information Actions continue during the final weeks of summer 2012

Edmonton Folk Festival Report - From 2010

This will be my fifth year doing civil information actions during the Folk Festival, Fringe Festival, and Caribbean Parade. I continue to share news and information (including 9/11truth) using civil information actions in the city that never stops questioning today's events. Last year alone I collected over 900-plus signatures, calling for a public independent investigation of 9/11 in Canada. See "Over 900 Edmontonians Tell Ottawa to Investigate 9/11"

Unfortunately this 9/11 petition presently sits idle in Ottawa as no representative in Ottawa is willing to read this petition including our own MP Linda Duncan of Edmonton Strathcona. Most politicians avoid reading such controversial petitions in fear of political career suicide. The National Post, Canada's National newspaper, is a fierce advocate of the official 9/11 story and has been known to publicly mock and attack any politician or academic who dares to question the events of 9/11. See "9/11 Truth and Corporate Media good or bad? You Decide!"

Since retired as a full time 9/11 truth activist: I'll be leafleting "The Civil Information Activist", my pride and joy leaflet campaign that I carried over from my 9/11 truth days. It features YouTube news stories recorded from my community such as the Arab Spring, Occupy Edmonton, Omar Khadr, environmental, and of course 9/11 Truth topics, shared outside the gates of the Folk Festival, Fringe Festival and along the parade route of the Cariwest parade. This month my Youtube Channel "Hawkeyicockburn" passed the 200,000 views mark from around the world with over 250 subscribers on board.

Double Duty in Promotions: I'll be joining forces the summer with local film maker and 9/11 truth activist Teace Snyder, who directed the 9/11 film "Blindfold". Along with Captain Bruce Sinclair a core member of pilots for 9/11 truth. Together well be promoting Teace's new film " Hold Me". with leaflets to help raise funds for Teace's new full length feature film "Hold Me" - See Complete Details: LINK" . Also shared this summer during actions will be The 9/11 Investigator broadsheet newspaper by Newspapers were donated freely by Richard Gage AIA from his recent visit to Edmonton, and by former 9/11 truth activist Emily Vokes.

Fringe Festival & Legislature 9/11 Petition Report - from 2011

Live And Learn : No time, date, or locations of civil actions are ever published any more to avoid repeats of attempted entrapment by corporate security personal at special events. I've also try to avoid the problem with infowar people, who have in past tried to join civil actions and introduce outrageous conspiracy theories that are unrelated to 9/11 truth. See "Watering down 9/11 Truth with Poisonous Tap Water"

Civil Information Actions: Cariwest Parade and Edmonton Folk Festival - From 2011