Our Mission
The goal of this website is to hopefully encourage activists, politicians, celebrities, whistleblowers, alternative media, truthers, infowarriors, and anyone that believes we need a new investigation into the events surrounding September 11th, 2001 to come to New York this coming September. We all have different opinions of the events that took place that tragic day but we all recognize the totalitarian acts that have followed. There are thousands, even millions of us across the globe who are aware of these atrocities. We must unite together in our efforts to demand a new investigation into 9/11. Let us put aside our differences, even if it's only for one day. Let truth and the power of the people prevail. Let's make history this September 11th by coming together in New York City in hopes of the justice we've all been fighting for.


Street Action at:
Ground Zero 12pm-6pm (Vesey St. & West Broadway - In Front of the PATH Station)

After street actions at Ground Zero are finished we will resume street actions at 7pm at either:

Time Square at the Red Steps
Union Square Park
Washington Square Park

8pm -11pm - Movie screening with director for Q&A (film TBD)

Symposium with multiple speakers on 9/11 and the post 9/11 world
1pm - 8pm (speakers TBD)

8pm -11pm - Movie screening with director for Q&A (film TBD)

Street Actions at:
The Council on Foreign Relations (Park Ave. & E68th St.)
The Anti Defamation League Offices (E40th St. between 3rd and 2nd Ave.)
The Israeli Embassy (Between E42nd and E43rd streets on 2nd Ave.)
The United Nations (Between E42nd & E48th streets on 1st Ave.)

Afterward we will resume street actions at 7pm at either:

Time Square at the Red Steps
Union Square Park
Washington Square Park

8pm - 11pm - Movie screening with director for Q&A (film TBD)

Silent Vigil at Ground Zero: 7am - 12pm (Vesey St. & Church St.)

Followed by Street Actions at:
The Federal Reserve (33 Liberty Street)
The New York Stock Exchange (11 Wall St.)
City Hall (260 Broadway)
U.S. Federal Hall (26 Wall St.)
Police Plaza (Near Madison St. & Pearl St.)
& The 9/11 Memorial Museum

*Note: If the New York Police Department prevents people from gathering at the traditional locations listed above, it's recommended people gather publicly at the Chase Bank across from St. Paul’s Chapel as a temporary alternative. Same as we did on September 11th, 2011.

General Synopsis of Tuesday 9/11:
The early birds will start arriving around 7am, and at this time we usually line up peacefully along the black fences of St. Paul's Chapel on Vesey Street between Church St. & Broadway. The official MTA/Port Authority 9-11 memorial service usually lasts from 8am - 12pm with two moments of silence at 8:45am and 9:03am. During this time it is important to show the utmost respect for those who lost their lives that day and their grieving families so there is no bullhorns, shouting, screaming, yelling, etc.

Next we normally gather at the 'Remembrance Fountain' in front of Building 7. This is where we read aloud the names of our 'Forgotten Heroes'. The First Responders who lost their lives after 9/11 and are not acknowledged during the "official" remembrance ceremony at Ground Zero. Then we engage the public and hand out fliers.

Make sure this message gets out to anyone and everyone in the 9/11 truth movement. Send this information to as many media outlets as you possibly can. We all have busy schedules but if we start to put the message out now there will be more time for people to make arrangements to attend.


Post this website on your favorite social networking sites: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, etc. Post it in the comments sections of articles on 9/11 blog and alternative news websites. When posting to forums or comment sections if HTML is not allowed use groundzero911(dot)com to get around the restriction. Visit our facebook page from our contact page and then invite your friends and spread the word. Download fliers, graphics and web banners here.

Volunteers to help with the following are always appreciated:

Organizing events, reserving venues, contacting potential guest speakers and entertainment.
Flier and sign creation, flier and sign printing, preparing DVD's and other media to hand out.
Locations, travel routes, and security for protests, street actions, marches and other events.

For more information on how you can help organize for 2012 please contact us.

Can't make it to NY but still want to contribute to the cause? Feel free to donate using the widget to the right to help us spread our message. Every penny will help and every donation is greatly appreciated. In addition to the printing costs of the fliers, signs, banners, dvd's and other materials your donation will help with flowers for the 9/11 First Responder Remembrance Ceremony, candles for a candlelight vigil, and venues for concerts, presentations, and guest speakers.

You have our assurance that:

Proceeds will only be spent on needed materials (fliers, signs, dvd's, etc.).
Personal information is safe & secure. "Chip In" uses (SSL).
"Chip In" donations are sent to a verified & secure PayPal account.
Every donation will be kept confidential by

Feel free to download, print and distribute the fliers, posters, and web banners on this page. If you have a good poster or flier you've created and would like to share it with others on this site, please contact us.

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Visit Suggestion

A visit by activists to the offices of the New York City District Attorney office and the New York State Attorney General (both very close to Ground Zero) might be more effective than visits to the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve offices.

The New York City District Attorney and the New York State Attorney General are the entities who could be and should be investigating the evidence of crimes on 9/11 but have not been pressured by activists to do so.

Other sites listed

Re the ADL offices and the Israeli embassy: While I think it's important for people to be made aware of evidence pointing toward an Israeli connection, I don't think it should be to the exclusion of other kinds of evidence. Does the planning of street actions at these sites mean that such an interpretation of 9/11 will be emphasized to the exclusion of others?

The CFR and the UN--some people will think these are good places to picket in any case; but if 9/11 truth is the issue, then the selection of these sites leads me to suspect that the anti-NWO theories favored by some are taking precedence over a full presentation of the facts relating to the 9/11 attacks and coverup.

It may not be any of these sites in and of themselves, but rather the particular combination, that leads me to raise such questions.