2012 - Summer Civil Information Actions "Fringe (Theatre) Festival Summer Wrap-up

Final Civil Info actions at Edmonton's famous Fringe (Theatre) Festival during August in Old Strathcona. I shared over 900 " The Civil Information Activist" leaflets over the summer of 2012 during my spare time at various festivals, farmer markets, busy street corners and for the first time on the striking picket lines of teamster workers. Free Material shared during civil actions including but not limited to - Architects Engineers for 9/11 Truth Literature: brochures and 9/11 Investigator newspapers. Material supplied earlier this spring by Richard Gage AIA "9/11 Blueprint For Truth" presentation at the Stanly Milner Library and also supplied by now retired activist Emily Vokes . Total cost to me for the summer period of being a civil information activist - $100.00 for printed material and web site costs. This 5 minute YouTube features Captain Bruce Sinclair, a core member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Bruce flies for a living but over the summer in his spare time has put on his movie making cap. Bruce and I joined film maker and 9/11 truther Teace Snyder - filmmaker of the short " Blindfold" to help raise funds to produce Teace's new full length featured movie titled " Hold Me" . Teace starts filming " Hold Me" in NewYork and later Edmonton this fall.

Complete Summer action reports at "Edmonton 9/11 Truth - Archives , News and Views" http://911truthedmonton.blogspot.ca/2012/08/civil-information-actions-is-citizen.html

Taking a break for the rest of the summer!
"Be Safe - Be Cool everyone!" Doug

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