New "9/11 Free Fall" Radio Show Ignites Alternative Media by Eli Rika Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New "9/11 Free Fall" Radio Show Ignites Alternative Media
Written by Eli Rika
Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Supporters of AE911Truth have used a variety of methods to educate others about the explosive destruction of the WTC skyscrapers, including holding screenings of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out,” distributing educational materials and speaking at public events. Now, a new radio show, 9/11 Free Fall, is building on those efforts and has the potential to massively increase public awareness of this essential issue.

9/11 Free Fall, co-hosted by Andrew Steele and Bernie Suarez, debuted on June 15, 2012, and now airs every Thursday evening at 7 p.m. PST on No Lies Radio, an internet radio station that features a variety of voices in the alternative media. You can find the latest information on the show at and listen to podcasts of previous transmissions at its YouTube channel.

9/11 Free Fall is the brainchild of Steele, a longtime AE911Truth volunteer and member of the Public Outreach Team. He feels strongly that increasing exposure of 9/11 Truth on the radio can have a tremendous impact.
“ Whether it be starting a radio show, writing a blog, performing street outreach, writing a song, or peacefully confronting defenders and ‘gatekeepers’ of the official lie... we’re all free agents writing our own scripts. ”

“The radio provides a larger audience, and our voices may carry to ears we would have never reached by operating within our normal circles,” Steele explained. “I ‘woke up’ in 2005 because of a 9/11 video that someone snuck into an entertainment video site. When you put your voice out there, you may never know whose life you’re changing.”

Co-host Bernie Suarez has volunteered with AE911Truth for over a year on a variety of projects. “Being a big believer in media outreach and a person who has done a lot of 9/11 presentations and talks at the street level, I thought that this radio show was a great idea and a good opportunity to create another platform that would be easily disseminated on the Internet,” Suarez said. “So I offered to step up and support Andy on this, and I’m glad I did.”
9/11 Free Fall co-host Andrew Steele has been dedicated to educating others about 9/11 for 7 years

While 9/11 Free Fallis independent of AE911Truth, the hosts spend each hour-long broadcast discussing the latest news related to 9/11 Truth and the evidence for controlled demolition that AE911Truth has presented. “9/11 is obviously a very important issue,” Steele explained.

“To say it remains unresolved would be an understatement, given the evidence for controlled demolition and what happened to America and the world after 9/11. There’s a lot happening to our country right now, but 9/11 Truth pulls the rug out from under most of the issues plaguing us.”

“The show feels like a platform to state our case for why we got involved in this movement and to lay out the irrefutable logic behind the truth of 9/11,” said Suarez. “I think of it as a 60-minute word illustration, where the stem of our narrative is constantly grounded in the pure science of 9/11. As the show goes on, we branch off to speak about other issues that can be easily tied to the original scientific truth of 9/11.”

The hosts have also conducted interviews with 9/11 experts and leaders in activism over the last two months. On July 27, they interviewed physics instructor David Chandler, the man who compelled NIST to admit that WTC 7 fell at free-fall acceleration. On August 10 they welcomed onto the show civil engineer Jon Cole, who has demonstrated through numerous scientific experiments that the official 9/11 story cannot be true. AE911Truth Congressional Outreach Team Leader Wayne Coste and Public Outreach Team leader Dave Slesinger have also appeared as guests and discussed their valiant efforts in educating others about the 9/11 evidence.
Bernie Suarez has found co-hosting 9/11 Free Fall to be a rewarding experience

As 9/11 Free Fall begins to take off, its hosts are also encouraging other 9/11 Truth advocates to take similar steps to inform the public. “I beg 9/11 activists to do whatever they can to spread the word,” said Steele. “Whether it be starting a radio show, writing a blog, performing street outreach, writing a song, or peacefully confronting defenders and ‘gatekeepers’ of the official lie... we’re all free agents writing our own scripts.”

Suarez echoed Steele’s comments. “Any form of media is valuable, as today many people – especially the youth – use them to communicate, socialize and educate themselves,” he stated. “I believe going to where the people are is easier than trying to get them to come to you.”

You can expect to hear more riveting interviews in future broadcasts, as 9/11 Free Fall is lining up appearances by other technical professionals featured in Experts Speak Out, prominent 9/11 Truth supporters and other influential people who have helped to increase awareness of 9/11. And as the show matures, special features will be added to the broadcast and the website to engage listeners and increase interaction.

With your support, 9/11 Free Fall may find its way from cyberspace into AM radio, allowing the truth to be spread to an even wider audience. “Our commercial-free broadcast is funded solely by the generosity of people who understand how vital our message is,” said Steele. “It’s your donations that allow our voices to be heard through internet radio around the world.”

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