France's Interviews Jon Gold


Recently, I was asked to do an interview for a French 9/11 Truth site known as Here is the English version of that interview:

- This year is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. What's on your mind, and how do you feel?

People are dying everyday. People that had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 atrocities. That's on my mind. Every year during the anniversary I feel sorrow for the 9/11 families. Make no mistake, I feel sorrow for all of them. However, I especially feel for those who question what we were told about that day. 9/11 Family Member Christina Kminek said something on 9/11/2006 at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. She said, "I personally really hope for one year where September Eleventh I can remember those who perished, and my sister, in peace... and not surrounded by all the unanswered questions, and the political lies and drama. I'd like to finally focus on my sister." Enough is enough. It makes me mad just transcribing that sentence. Try putting yourself into the shoes of a family member. Imagine that someone you love was brutally murdered. Imagine that your Government lied to you about how and why they died. Imagine not knowing. Imagine having to watch the name of your loved one used to do horrific things in this country and around the world. Imagine trying everything within your power to get real justice, truth and accountability for what happened, and being blocked by a system that doesn't work. It's really unimaginable, isn't it?

- It's somewhat paradoxical that people had solidarity behind the war on terror after 9/11, but so few people support the search for truth along with some of the 9/11 families. How do you explain this lack of interest?

Well, first of all, back in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, there were a great many people who did support the search for truth, and did support the families. The problem is, since around late 2004 and 2005, the corporate media started with their campaign to denounce, slander, and misrepresent anyone that questioned the official account of 9/11, and continued that campaign for a good many years (and still do to this day). As a result, less people want to associate with "9/11 Truth." Also, many people got frustrated because a lot of the information that was put forward by certain authors and movie makers wasn't as credible as they thought it was. They, in turn, got frustrated, and walked away. Many people don't know about the families because the corporate media hasn't given those seeking justice the attention they deserve. That's another reason for the lack of interest. The families are split. There are some family members who believe everything they were told about that day without question. There are others who paid closer attention to the investigations we got, who paid closer attention to the actions of the Administration and others, and openly question what we were told about that day. When the families want to, they can make their voices heard. I have seen it time and time again. With regards to memorial services, with regards to the 9/11 memorial itself, etc... and so on. They could be a strong voice for justice, if they came together. But, like I said, they are split on this issue. Maybe some feel the need to believe the official account because it is some form of comfort. I understand that. I do. But I hope one day they come together, and help people understand that we were lied to about that day.

- So basically, there's a problem of information and credibility. Regarding the "9/11 Truth Movement," on what should we focus to gain credibility?

Stick to basics, don't state theory as fact, stay away from bigotry and hatred. Since the media has essentially ignored those family members seeking justice, let people know that they are out there. Point out the fact that each investigation we got had its own version of compromise and corruption. Point out some of the easier cover-ups (NORAD lying, Saudi financing behind the attacks, foreknowledge, etc...). These are well documented and easy to prove. It's not our job to figure out what happened. We don't have access to all of the documentation, and all of the people we would need to speak to (under oath, with the idea that you will be held accountable for any lies) to be able to figure out what happened. Our job is to make sure a majority of people understand that we were lied to, and to get a majority of people demanding real justice and accountability.

- How do you think theories have affected this cause?

Well as I said, it caused frustration for people who wanted to do the right thing, but found that the information they were peddling wasn't as solid as they thought it was. As a result, many walked away. It gave a tremendous amount of ammunition to the corporate media who were looking for anything and everything to discredit us. As I wrote in my book, I am not perfect. I have peddled some information that I shouldn't have in the past, and I paid for it as a result. People who worked with me thought I was a joke because years ago I showed them information that I thought might be credible, because it came from people who seemed credible but it wasn't. As a result, they brushed off any GOOD information I tried to show them, and called me a "conspiracy theorist." Thankfully, I am too stubborn to let something like that dissuade me.

- It's a battle on two fronts isn't it?

We fight the media, we fight charlatans peddling crap information (and possible infiltration), we fight agenda driven "debunkers," we fight against a system that doesn't work, etc... there are many fronts to this fight. You want to avoid making accusations against others. Judge people by the fruits of their labor. If people do consistently good work, then chances are, they are an ally. However, my recommendation is not to rely on anyone else for information. Do your own research, and eventually, you will find your own problems with the official account (it is unavoidable to any honest individual).

- Even if a lot of information passed threw the media piece by piece - mainly in the US - it's like nobody wants to see the big picture. There's like a consensus not to oppose the official story, and consider it a cover-up. Why is it that the media doesn't pay attention to this subject?

The corporate media in America is owned by a few. A few with agendas of their own. Agendas that seemingly don't have the American people's best interests at heart. Why don't people pay more attention? Well, here is an example why. On September 11th, 2006, 9/11 Family Members Donna Marsh O'Connor, Christina Kminek, and Michele Little got together at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to call for a new investigation. Only one news outlet in this country covered it. In February 2008, the "Jersey Girls" called for an entirely new investigation after the allegations regarding Karl Rove and Philip Zelikow surfaced. Only one news outlet in this country covered it. Can you imagine how many people would start paying more attention if those two events got the kind of coverage that Michael Jackson's death got, or the kind of attention that other celebrities get? It would be an entirely different situation. But as I said, the corporate media is owned by an agenda driven few.

- In France, it's impossible to talk about 9/11 because you're quickly labeled by the media as anti-American, anti semitic or a right-wing extremist. As an American, what would be your response to that?

Are family members seeking justice and accountability for what happened anti-American, anti-semitic, or a right-wing extremist? The United States is considered to be a "Christian Nation." If you question the policies of the U.S. Government, does that mean you hate Christians? Of course not. If you question the policies of the Israeli Government, does that mean you hate Jews? Of course not. I believe you need to hold the individuals responsible for the crime of 9/11, accountable, and not religions, nationalities or ideologies. Otherwise you will end up murdering 1,000's of people that had absolutely nothing to do with the crime of 9/11, like we've seen in the Middle East. With regards to Israel and 9/11, I know there are many people out there who say the "Jews did it," or point ONLY to information regarding Israel and 9/11. They like to put forward bad information like everyone in the U.S. Government having "dual citizenships" with Israel. When you confront someone on this, they point to the "right of return" for Jews. I am Jewish. Does that mean I have a "dual citizenship" with Israel? Of course not. There are, however, people in the U.S. Government who seemingly have more loyalty to Israel than they do the U.S. They seemingly forget information about the Saudi Royals or the Pakistani ISI. They seemingly forget NORAD, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA. They like to say the "Zionists control the United States." Well, the Defense Industry, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Alcohol Industry, the Tobacco Industry, the Insurance Industry, etc... and so on, and all of their lobbyists might have something to say about that. I spoke earlier of avoiding bigotry and hatred. What I described revolves around this. Things like this make it especially easy for the media to say "anti-semitic."

- A surprising thing is that a big part of those attacks generally come from left wing people here who forgot to denounce the war on terror and what is now described as humanitarian wars. In the US, people on the left like Noam Chomsky or Matt Taibbi are also saying that all this debate around 9/11 keeps people away from other causes. Don't you think that those people should be in the forefront to denounce the lies of 9/11 that led to so many wars and civil liberties restrictions?

I recently wrote an article entitled, "Progressives" Need To Address The Lies And Cover-Ups Of 9/11." In that article I said that, "in a talk I gave in Fresno recently, I said that "progressives" were afraid of losing their "pulpits" if they address the 9/11 issue. I'm sorry, but this selfish reason is the best explanation I can think of as to why they don't (or, I could say that they are paid shills for the CIA, etc… but I'm not a "Conspiracy Theorist"). The lies and cover-ups of 9/11 are so glaringly obvious that when someone who supposedly stands for truth, justice, and accountability doesn't address them, I have to ask why. As I said in my talk, the media has worked very hard to make anyone that questions the official account of 9/11 the equivalent of a dog torturer or a baby killer. Losing one's "pulpit" because of being painted with the "9/11 Truth Brush" is the best explanation I can think of." One thing I've thought about since that time is that if a "progressive" did speak out on 9/11, they would probably get MORE followers than they had before. I've argued with both Noam Chomsky and Matt Taibbi about this. Personally, I think it's shameful behavior.

- On another hand, there's antiwar activist like Cindy Sheehan who's a good friend of yours and has nothing to lose. How does she deal with the subject of 9/11?

Cindy is a cut above the rest. A lot of people think that she hasn't always questioned 9/11, but the fact of the matter is, she has. There are videos going back years of different "9/11 Truth Activists" asking her questions about 9/11, and she has always been supportive. Like me, Cindy doesn't proclaim to know what happened on 9/11 or who was responsible, but she knows there are a multitude of cover-ups, and she knows there is no justification for the "Post-9/11 World" and everything it entails. She knows the families and the people of the world both require and deserve real justice and accountability for what happened that day. There are other progressives who speak out, but not as many as there should be. When you have a media that doesn't work, then the people who have a voice need to be responsible and use it.

- You just made a new petition that we relayed on our website but you also wrote a book this year (foreword by Cindy Sheehan), and said writing the book was the only thing you had not tried. Does it mean that what you've done before was fruitless?

No. In fact the 9/11 Truth Movement HAS had some success. When something happens now, MANY more people are openly questioning what they're being told. I think that is greatly because of the 9/11 Truth Movement. When I say I've tried everything, I mean everything to bring an end to this "Post-9/11 World." Everything to bring justice to the families. Neither of those things have happened, so in that regard, we have failed.

- You also wrote in great detail about your personal life in your book. About the divorce of your parents, about your mother who seemingly didn't care much about you, the love for your grandfather who shared your birthday and brought you to New York many times, your bad days of depression and drug use, and other things. Why did you write about this?

I wanted people to understand that I am just like most of them. That I am not in this for the money. That I am not in this for the fame. I'm just an everyday person, just like most other people, trying to make a difference. I wanted people to know that I experienced many of the same fears that they did. Many of the same hatreds. I wanted to do my best to relate to anyone that reads the book.

- Do you think that anybody should be able to understand and get into the subject of 9/11?

Anyone who cares about the death that's going on in their name. Anyone that understands the need for accountability and justice. One of the things I say often is that you shouldn't have to be a scientist, a scholar, an engineer, an architect, a physicist, etc... to understand the need for 9/11 justice. Keep it simple, and people will understand how important it is.

- Do you think that the problem just lies on what happened that day or is it a wider problem?

There is a systemic problem in the world. However, exposing the lies of 9/11 helps to expose many of those issues. The control of the mainstream media, the corruption on Wall Street, how wars are often started with lies, how Governments lie repeatedly, etc... and so on. 9/11 is used as the justification for the "Post-9/11 World," and everything it entails. So even though there are other issues, few have more importance in today's world.

- Do you think that a real change will finally come?

I certainly hope so. I don't think we can have the justice and accountability we deserve for 9/11 in this system as it exists today. Therefore, I think there needs to be a Revolution, and Revolution isn't a bad word. It just means a "radical change." I can't think of anything more necessary for this country and the world than a "radical change." The people need to demand it.

- Finally, what message would you like to address to the French people, to those who already take an interest in 9/11, to those who don't, and to the journalists who balk at doing so?

Help. We need everybody's help in letting the world know that we were lied to about 9/11, and that there is no justification for the "Post-9/11 World." To those journalists who balk at the idea, then I say they aren't real journalists.