US Coup D'Etat, Monsanto, Drones, iPhone Spying, Iran War, NYPD in Israel | Breaking The Set

Abby Martin brings up the issue of Corporate Personhood and unregulated political donations by interviewing Dr. Wilmer Leon about what he calls a Coup D'Etat of American Democracy. Then Abby exposes truths about Bahrain through today's Hero Amber Lyon and reveals Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir as today's Villain for his crimes against humanity. RT Web Producer Andrew Blake explains how taking a picture might land you in an interrogation room, and finally Abby calls out GMO giant Monsanto for their agricultural mis-practices.


Abby Martin brings up the issue of global surveillance and drone warfare and talks to NIAC Policy Director Jamal Abdi about the possibility of war with Iran. MSNBC is called out for political bias, and RT Producer Ramon Galindo speaks about the impending doom of nuclear reactors built by fault lines. 


Abby Martin calls out the Corporate Media for distracting us from what's really important, Interviews former NPR Reporter Andrea Seabrook after she woke up to the L/R paradigm, then talks to Producer Ameera David about Israel and Palestine, before finally exposing the truth about how much the government can know about you through your iPhone.


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Excellent shows!

I liked the statement after talking about Pulitzer, what the people need to hear..."and what they need to hear, is the truth."
Looking forward to you sharing the truth about how those twin towers totally "fell down", which was surprisingly never fully explained by NIST, stopping their study at "collapse initiation".
Of course the assumed "collapse" explanation (fire) may be popular but cannot be true, and the true explanation (that best matches the evidence), is certainly not popular.

Keep up the fantastic work!