Hypothesis - Full-length Film


A documentary about physicist Steven E Jones and his startling discoveries related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Thank You Brett

Thanks for posting HYPOTHESIS.

I saw the film in Denton Texas where we met and conversed. I am glad that many others will see this GEM.

Thank you, Brett --

for making your documentary available freely via youtube. This is very generous of you, after all your hard work, to give your work freely like this.

Let me just note that there are many who have worked very diligently to bring to humanity the truth regarding 9/11, and I salute them all.


PS -- I've shed about 16 pounds since this documentary was made, happy to say. To me, I look funny with such a double chin.. ;)

This Belongs On The Front Page

Along with the dust evidence, the FEMA and WPI steel studies are the key to driving an investigation push to simply find out how exotic incendiaries and other materials serverely harmful to structural steel, found their way into the WTC.

Such an investigation push could be based simply on a claimed public safety interest, as opposed to an investigation of alleged foul play and thus, evade the resistance that is met by claims of foul play.

From this excellent film…

…we can derive the following three “Truth Proofs”:

1. Prof. Steven Jones = (courage) x (scientific integrity)
2. BYU = 1 / scientific integrity + (hush money)
3. C. Martin Hinckley = intimidation + threats + bribes

And the byproduct of proofs 2 and 3 is a foul odor from copious amounts of H2S

And more thanks Brett

for this film. I bought it a few months back and have enjoyed it very, very much.