Pursuit of truth and "conspiracy theory"

This message may not have much to do with 9/11 but it does in one important respect: the unrelenting pursuit of the truth and justice.

In 1989, a tragedy unfolded at a British football stadium called Hillsborough at the beginning of a football match in which 96 Liverpool fans died as a consequence of poor planning, no crowd control and a lack of a disaster and emergency plan.

Last week, a report was published which exposed the scale of the cover-up by the Police in their failures to stop the tragedy. This included the police altering over 100 statements, telling police officers to say they weren't at the stadium and collected DNA evidence of those who died in order to see if they could find any criminal past that would help them justify the actions of those fans which led to their deaths. It was also revealed that 41 of the 96 should not have even died.

As a consequence of this report, I managed to get a letter published in the UK metro which has a readership of over 3 million stating that the conspiracy theory label is insulting and derogatory toward those who seek the truth over injustice.

It was edited slightly, but the essence of the letter remains:

I have also written the following letter to the UK Times and Sunday Times newspapers:

In today's Sunday Times (16/09/2012), the header in the letters section reads "Hillsborough's long fight for truth".

I had a letter published in the UK Metro on Friday (14/09/2012, attached) in which I stated 'If a tragedy like Hillsborough had happened today, society and the media would no doubt have labelled the relatives of the victims simply as "conspiracy theorists" because they demanded the truth. Later in the letter, I wrote 'The "conspiracy theory" label must be stopped as a derogatory term of censorship by the media' and that we should 'wholeheartedly support those who demand truth and accountability for the deaths of loved ones, whatever the circumstances and consequences'.

There is absolutely no difference between Hillsborough and the 9/11 attacks so I would like to take this opportunity to accuse you, the editors, of extreme double standards and hypocrisy. But I still wait in hope for the day when I read an editorial in either of your paper's with the header "The 9/11 relatives and their long fight for truth" and apologise for calling them "conspiracy theorists".

So does Mr Murdoch have control over what you print when it comes to 9/11, despite protestations that editorial control is independent?

Excellent letters

Both of them. The one that was published may have started a lot of heads nodding in agreement.

Interested to know if the second one gets published.