Jesse Ventura on CNN / Piers Morgan

Excellent Must Watch Video by Governor Jesse Ventura on False Flag Terror, 911 Truth, Building 7............
Spread the Truth.

Full Interview:

Show "What a waste" by NYCGuy

BBC reference was a smart choice

I don't agree at all that this was a waste. There is only so much time and he picked a piece of the evidence to raise that is verifiable and pretty much unexplainable under the official narrative. Anyone who does a search on this will find themselves (if they're looking objectively) mired in cognitive dissonance.

I give Jesse high marks here for courage and cherry picking a particularly unexplainable fact. How did this make him look silly?

Not only that, the 9/11 segment was followed by lucid straight talk about Iran. Perhaps he could have mentioned that OBL was probably dead since 2002, but that's harder to prove and he would have risked falling into the host's "conspiracy theorist" trap.

There are very few national figures able to get on mainstream media and make these points; Ventura really needs as much support as we can throw behind him.

Can someone please post this short video?

WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here's Why!?

WWIII Is Coming Soon & Here's Why!?

Thank you

Thanks again Joe for helping me post this...... By the way what did you think? I also posted Inside Job the financial meltdown of 08........... again what do you think?

Powerful video

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Mainstream media exposure

While I don't always agree with everything that Ventura does, Jesse has been one of the few people who repeatedly has gotten the 9/11 message into the mainstream media.

It’s not that easy to think on your feet.

He managed to mention the amazing clairvoyance of BBC, predicting the “collapse” of wtc 7 before its fall; highlighting WTC 7 in front of a mass audience.

Naturally the brainwashed Piers believes his BBC is “one of the most respected news organizations in the world”, even though in addition to their clairvoyance, the BBC also explained to us that the sulfur (that caused the eutectic formations) “came from masses of gypsum wallboard that stewed in the pile for weeks”, which of course cannot be replicated experimentally. And their “thermite expert” on their “Conspiracy Road trip” program had such difficulty getting thermite to melt a steel beam.

And it’s easy to Monday morning quarterback about what else he could have said……but overall I believe he “done good”.


Piers isn't brainwashed at all. He's been known before to dissemble. Jesse was on the wrong foot when he backed the psyop Navy Seals book. He could have said they never found any dialysis equipment and neighbors reported never having seen Bin Ladin. Those are facts. Otherwise Jesse was great countering Piers. He was affable and still attacked Piers, a difficult thing to do.

Piers taken to the mat

I agree, marzi, "Jesse was on the wrong foot when he backed the psyop Navy Seals book."
The whole BL story comes across as BS. When it comes to Bin Laden, Obama green-lighted the extrajudicial murder of a man never charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime. The world has been affected by the War on Terror and the world deserved closure by hearing Bin Laden explain himself at the ICC.
'We Came We Saw He Died' cartoon style foreign policy - complete with bodies fed to the fishes, mafiosi-style - removes the high moral ground from the US. It's tacky and it's dangerous.

Good on Ventura for standing firm. Piers was lowered to the mat in a swift manouevre.

A quick asside...

Jon, I was wondering if you have considered repeating your 'burning I-beam' experiment using elemental sulfur in place of gypsum wallboard just to see what would happen in an office fire when elemental sulfur is present. Might yield interesting and/or unexpected results. Just a thought.

Thank you for your hero's walk among many others.

Agree, overall, Jesse 'done good'.

Actually I hadn’t considered it….

…although this certainly could be done.

But I think the key question never answered by NIST is “what is the source of the sulfur” …rather than “what would happen if sulfur came into contact with steel at a high temperature”.
Still you bring up an interesting point to ponder, and maybe I will run that experiment some time for fun. Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for the reply

The thinking was to give the benefit of the doubt by supplying elemental sulfur and see if a more precise mixture than simply sulfur plus diffuse flames is needed to create the examples of steel degradation we witness (corrosion, sulfidation, eutectic, etc.). It may require a discreet set of circumstances to attack the steel effectively and thereby find another violation of the law of entropy. That's my lay view, anyway.

The audience response.... Jesse's question, "How many people think I make sensible/crackpot points" is very encouraging.


Yes, that was the highlight for me. I just happened to see this on last and tuned in during the part about the BBC reporting Building 7's demise too early. Piers tried to paint Jesse as being a crackpot and denied that the BBC did this. Later Jesse turned to the audience and asked: "How many people think I make crackpot points?" One person responded. "How many people think I make sensible points?" An overwhelming number responded.

This not only put Piers in his place but showed the millions of viewers something.

The "studio audience" may reflect society at large.

"This not only put Piers in his place but showed the millions of viewers something."

That's absolutely right.

Now the question is can we prevent a mad rush to another insane war in the Mid-East?

Looks like the arms traders and oil futures pundits are having a field day.

Its all about the money. That's what 911 was really about. The money. For Carlyle, Haliburton and the rest of the Military-Industrial Mass Murdering Complex.

Pls. Check out this if you have not seen this before.

US arms sales spike to record levels, Gulf leading buyer

"The world may be terrified of a potential war with Iran, but for arms producers - tensions fear is good business. So it is for the Unites States. According to a recent Congressional Research Service report, within just one year the US has tripled its arms sales and half of what US sold last year went to Gulf states."

Piers Morgan "Facts"

Piers Morgan determination that the official conspiracy was "fact" was just oh-so-revealing. He had an agenda to smear Jesse with as much crackpot-ed-ness as possible. It is c-r-a-z-y to think the Bush Administration would lie about 9/11 was his attitude - yet we all know just how much the Bush Administration lied to start wars and crash the economy! And there was no forensic examination anywhere upon the crime scene.

So much for "facts" - meaning that Piers Morgan has revealed himself to part of the control grid. Explains why he hasn't seen the prospect of imprisonment for insider trading and phone hacking (like his contemporary hacks at Murdoch newspapers) while he was editor at the Daily Mirror newspaper.

It set my teeth on edge just to watch Morgan on this clip. Jesse easily came out on top in this encounter by clever use of the studio audience.

Informative Article on this interview by Ventura

Ventura on CNN: ‘Every War Starts With a False Flag’

Ventura Did Very Well

Ventura did well by simply reporting under time pressure that the official 9/11 story is a virtually unproven conspiracy theory. One of the greatest enemies of the truth are endless government allegations morphed into "fact" by uncritical media repetition.

And Ventura's views on domestic and geopolitical motives, means and manufactured opportunities were well said.

Piers Morgan epitomizes defiant ignorance.

The entire show

Thank you, Joe.

I watched this off your video embed above. What a show.

Audience Estimates...

Viewers are turning off in droves, lured by brash rivals and popularity of internet news sources (June 2012)

"The figures also raise questions about the future of Piers Morgan, hired to shake up its prime-time schedule with an hour-long weeknight interview show. He drew an average of 417,000 viewers, a fall of 50 per cent and the network's worst figure for the slot since the early 1990s. Morgan's show is largely admired by critics. But his audience is volatile, and seems to vary according to the calibre of guests. In early 2011, when he took over from octogenarian Larry King, who boasted around 600,000 viewers, Morgan said his show should be judged "by how we settle down in between six months and a year". By that measure, he's in trouble."

Yes. You are right.

Piers Morgan has a chequered past. I believe he is a shady character and is far from being a real "journalist".

Some interesting links on his background.

CNN Talk Show Host Is Questioned in British Inquiry

British TV Presenter: CNN's Piers Morgan Showed Me How To Hack

If Journalism was truly his profession he would be fair on reporting the facts rather than pushing the agenda of the Military Industrial Complex.

I cannot trust anyone linked to Murdoch's "hacking" - spy ring fiasco.

Doesn't sound like journalism - more like an intelligence operation with a British flavour to it. I believe we have spooks / Mockingbirds reading the news and running the talk shows. Hannity , O'Reily etc.

The BBC - on of the most respect news organizations in the world? Hmmmmm. Don't know many people who would agree Mr. Piers. Sorry. Not after the Solomon Brothers Building / WTC 7.

The video has 75,000 views

take a moment to click this to keep "Colorado Public Television Presents | 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"
on top.

Powerful Truth

We need to turn this grassroots to an effective political force in Capitol Hill.

So far this has not happened.

And time is running out.

Dr Paul is no longer in the picture it seems. He has been reluctant to come clean about 911 in the public arena.

Compare this to this

A large percentage of the 911 Truth Movement supported Dr Paul and hoped he would help unravel the truth. Contrary to general public opinion it was the 911 Truth Movement that helped launch the Ron Paul campaign in 2008. Unfortunately things did not turn out as hoped.

Jesse Ventura at least has stuck to his guns and has been consistent on the matter. No flip-flops.

I gave up on Dr. Paul in 2008 and become suspicious of his real motives. The truth of Jesse Benton, his watered down campaign, the son Rand supporting the Military Industrial Sock Puppet Romney etc. in 2012 should warn us about supporting mainline "PARTY" based political candidates or their offspring who can be bought off. Which I believe is the case.

Jesse is pushing and independent platform for 2016. He has not shirked from 911 Truth in the public arena so far. I would,speaking just for myself, put effort and some stock in any Presidential Campaign he may launch in the next 4 years.

I would rather have a genuine 911 Truth based candidate than any flip-flopper - Democrat or Republican or from any other so called "party".

Just my 2 cents and do not expect anyone else to agree with me but I believe if we deal with 911 Truth - we can then and only then deal with other issues like the Federal Reserve, Unlimited "War on Terror", the TSA, the Military Industrial Complex etc.

The Paul campaign got it backwards. One reason why Alex Jones has backed away from Dr. Paul and especially "Senator" Rand Paul.

Jesse Ventura seems like a genuine guy. Like it or not we NEED Political Representation on Capitol Hill. The Grassroots has to be turned to a REAL Political Force - and I am not talking Tea Party or any other "Ban / Stop" the Federal Reserve campaigns. That's not enough.

911 Truth WILL Save the Republic. All other attempts will only cover symptoms of the controlled demolition of the Republic.

Unless we get a 911 Truth President the Republic will never recover and TSA would not just be in our airports or shopping malls.

Its time to mobilize the grassroots for this effect. And we need more choices than Ventura simply because of what happened to the Kennedys. We need redundancy, we need to have backup, we must have a mass political mobilization of 911 Truth- the "conspiracy" will become mainstream - will become a matter of historical record. We will have war crimes trials and trials for treason.

It will probably take a Revolution of sorts. If we want it done as peacefully as possible with the minimum of bloodshed, we need a 911 Truth President. An NDAA President. An AIPAC President. A Frank Marshal Davis President. A Lobbyist President. Is going to destroy us.

We need Founding Father Material in our "elected" representatives. So far Jesse seems consistent. I do hope he gets the support he needs if he decides to run.

God help us if we can't resolve 911 Truth. What happened in NAZI Germany will pale in comparison to what is going to happen to the United States.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin


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