PIERS MORGAN Owes Jesse Ventura A Public Apology

In a "LIVE" broadcast Monday night on CNN former Governor Jesse VENTURA informed the apparently ignorant Piers MORGAN on the fact that the BBC TV announced that BUILDING 7 had collapsed before it actually came down at about 5:20pm on 9/11/01. Piers said, "You need to have a break Jesse."

It's time for PIERS to have a break and look at the videotape:

Now it's time for Piers Morgan to apologize to Mr. Ventura who was correct in what he told him about the BBC "news" Broadcast that remains unexplained to this day.

And then address the 28 second statement by Larry Silverstein who said in the 2002 PBS Special, AMERICA Rebuilds, "... maybe the smartest thing to do is PULL IT"

See the full version of the Mini Documentary made by Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth on BUILDING 7 that has been seen by Millions of people on PBS TV Nationwide.


The likes of Piers Morgan have to apologize to the First Responders, 911 Family members and the untold numbers killed thanks to the 911 wars.

Which is most likely going to expand into Iran if we are not careful.

the 911 wars.


" THE 911 WARS . "

That works for me ,any time I comment on Iraq or Afghanistan etc. I will say " THE 911 WARS . " because people have forgotten how the wars come about.

the entire show