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Looking Back 
 June 2010 actions by the highly successful 9/11 Truth activists in Edmonton 
This is what Free Speech, Freedom to Assemble and Freedom of the Press looks like 

 Edmonton 9/11 Truth - Police were called in by the 104Th Street farmers market security team because they did not like our 9/11 truth cause that was "Civil Information Actions" informing our community that the events of 9/11 are in serious question, and that Canada must conduct it's own public independent investigation of 9/11 and the 24 Canadians who were killed that day. "Edmonton Cops (as always) Rock "because they graciously accepted our literature, allowed us to continue our freedom of the press, free speech and freedom to assemble on the corner sidewalk of 104Th Street and Jasper in downtown Edmonton.  They even bid us all a nice day! The Security (Cop want to busy bees)  from the 104Street farmer's market came back to taunt us more, and threatened to physically remove us themselves. We politely advised them not to as it would be us this time calling the police.
They left alone and we continued civil informing our community about 9/11 Truth.

9/11- "Civil Information Activism" - We Are The Press!

Civil Informationing…
Modernizing Public Activism 
By Robin Hordon January 2002 through November 2011