Freedom not so beautiful when it's challenged and put to a test...

YouTube 9/11 civil action report from July 2010: I had just obtained permission from a police officer who allowed me to set up my banner "architects and engineers for 9/11 truth" and share my leaflets on the corner of 105Th Street and Whyte avenue outside the gates of a street festival. He said it was okay so long as didn't block or interfere with sidewalk pedestrian traffic. A security guy with the street festival approached me and said "I think what your doing here is bull-shit," he said "Popular Mechanics has already debunked all these 9/11 conspiracy theories, you'll have to pack up and leave." I told him your welcome to believe what ever you like about 9/11, but I have a right to free speech and right to be on public sidewalk, guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights. He went over to talk to the same Edmonton Police officer. Minutes later other police cars arrived and we were told to leave. We refused, and kept up our civil actions for the next 45 minutes. What happened next is documented in this 9/11 action report.

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