9/11/2001 11 Yrs Later - Explosive Eyewitness Evidence. Published on Sep 22, 2012 by 911THEFILES 2 hours 13 minutes

9/11/2001 11 Yrs Later - Explosive Eyewitness Evidence. Published on Sep 22, 2012 by 911THEFILES 2 hours 13 minute


Published on Sep 22, 2012 by 911THEFILES

A compilation of Eyewitness statements and media reports from 11th September 2001 New York, USA...
Thank you to all the 9/11 Researchers who have contributed clips to this compilation.
Especially - 911Investigationvids,MKmonarch,Xenomorph911,wearechangenj.and the much missed irancontrascumdid911.

Thank you all, for the dedication,you are truly inspiring.

After seeing Professor Graeme McQueen at last years Toronto Hearings into 911, i decided to assemble all the eyewitness statenents and media reports of explosions into one compilation,this compilation is far from complete but does serve to illustrate Professor McQueen`s observations that reports of explosions were commonplace on the day of 9/11 ,but slowly disappeared from the mainstream over the coming few days.

As the good Professor says himself ,First Hand eyewitness evidence is crucial and extremely important.and yes eyewitness evidence can be submitted to a REAL investigation.
You may ask yourself- Did the 9/11 Comission see these clips?
And if they did (they did ) why is none of this mentioned in their report.?

As the 9/11 researchers have worked through the NIST Cumulus Database Release it has become obvious why the battle to get the clips released to the public took so long.
They whole morning is full of reports of explosions ,across all the networks,and many eyewitnesses describe explosions.
They cant all be mistaken.
For further research i recommend reading the Oral Histories of the NYFD on the New York Times website...again Professor McQueen has done some great work in this area.

Yet NIST refuse to consider the controlled demolition hypothesis entirely.

Now that is the definition of a cover-up.

I've been waiting for this.

I've been waiting for this. Someone has compiled the Best of Gourley's NIST FOIA Bonanza.


There's already so much evidence about how the WTC was destroyed, and one can never have *too much* evidence. But... how much more do we need to get past the corporate media blockade, and educate those who have been denied the information, or who have been scared to look at it?

Good Question

But you are making a tautology in the rhetorical sense. It is sort of like asking how to reform a dictatorship or how to get some women more involved in a male dominated autocratic hierarchy; you know, to soften things up a bit!
The "Main Stream Media" is already, right now, in barracks mode. Viewership at CNN is slipping, precipitously, from what we can gather which is a hard task because much of the ratings information is esoteric and proprietary but Nielsen has been caught fudging data so who really knows.

"...and educate those who have been denied the information,"

"But... how much more do we need to get past the corporate media blockade, and educate those who have been denied the information, or who have been scared to look at it?"

You hit the nail on the head.
That is a tough one. Reaching the masses in volume.

We also need to pat ourselves on the back. We have come a long way with very limited resources in reaching a lot of folks. I run into people all the time who know about the 9/11 Coverup (sometimes their understanding is a bit foggy, but they are aware). Perhaps 2 or 3 out of 12 folks know.


A lot of us are in this for the long haul. I appreciate the work of yours and others. I am glad to be a part of this.

At least many of us take every opportunity to inform others on an individual basis.

media 'reform' conference censors 9/11 truth

This is the crucial issue and I wonder whether any improvement is possible. In their own words:

"Freepress.net is a project of Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund. Free Press and the Free Press Action Fund do not support or oppose any candidate for public office. We are nonpartisan organizations advocating for universal and affordable Internet access, diverse media ownership, vibrant public media and quality journalism."

And yet a week or so ago, one tireless ae9/11 truth advocate

(who organized the successful 'renegade' presence
at the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) in Stamford, Ct., a last winter and the "Let the Architects In" to Netroots Nation (http://let-the-architects-in.org) campaign in Providence this spring, unsuccessful despite 51 on record supporters and no detractors))

just had his proposal to the Free Press Media Reform Conference to be held in Denver next April, regarding the media censorship of 9/11 truth, REJECTED:

" Dear Wayne,
> Thanks for
> suggesting a session for the 2013 National Conference for Media
> Reform. Unfortunately, your proposal does
> not fit with the priorities of this event. We will not be considering
> this proposal for the 2013 conference.
> More information about the event and
> the session selection process can be found on our call for
suggestions website: http://conference.freepress.net/submit-your-proposa
> l
> Sincerely,
> Mary Alice
> Crim
> Mary Alice
> Crim
> Organizing and Events
> Manager
> Free Press :: www.freepress.net
> 413.585.1533
> ext. 202
> reform media.
> transform democracy."

Ms. Mary Alice Crim , and her board, should be asked, how is covering the science of 9/11 truth, attested to by over 1700 architects and engineers, anti -democratic, and why is censorship of same not a cause for their concern?? Please help. Lynn

The website touts the 'public participation in choosing the conference agenda' but by engaging in this 'prior censorship, how is the former a reality????'

It is precisely the main media-and 'alternative' censorship (or only coverage that ridicules "conspiracy theorists" ) that has so successfully thwarted serious, or any coverage. Yes, how to get around?

I'd actually be afraid if these 'sales outlets' suddenly began calling for a new investigation because that would mean the 'direction from on high' had been changed. And that would occur only if 'they' had a plan and the power to commandeer it. Which it is obvious from history they would and do.

So, perhaps our 'one- on -one' efforts are the only safe way to proceed, anyway.

Thanks for all you all are doing.!! lb

Same guy?

Whois Lookup for freepress(dot)net yeilds the registrant for the site as:

Domain Name: FREEPRESS(dot)NET
Registrar: MONIKER

Registrant [2910138]:
Neal Bastek support@freepress(dot)net
Free Press
40 Main St
Suite 301

Neal Bastek's CV: http://aim.uoregon.edu/faculty/reg_instructor.php?instructorid=431388

He is an instructor in Information Management

What is Information Management

According to Wikipedia, Information management (IM) is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audiences. This sometimes involves those who have a stake in, or a right to that information. Management means the organization of and control over the structure, processing and delivery of information." (emphasis mine)
Source: AIIM

It is interesting from the standpoint that it looks like we have a little IM going on in the example above.

Thank you!

Many thanks to those who did the hard work of compiling this collection, which I've finally gotten around to watching all the way through. This is important material, so I hope many people will download it and keep it safe from the uncertainties of the internet.

Maybe sometime we'll find the time to put together a master list of all the eyewitnesses.

All the best,
Graeme MacQueen



You're closer to the eyewitness testimony as anyone (and thank you for that), but I was wondering from your analysis if you think it's possible to place some, most or all of the witnesses on a virtual grid? In other words, people not only see and hear the testimony but also know where the person was standing when the explosions were witnessed? Might be a powerful tool and, of course, a lot of extra work.

Great compilation.


An interesting idea. I seem to remember that this was done with the eyewitnesses to shots in Dealey Plaza. It might be possible, but it would be a heck of a lot of work! I think what we need to do is sit and think about what would be the most fruitful next step in the work with eyewitnesses. Do we continue to expand and systematize our master list (I have 156 people on my list, but it's pitifully incomplete)? Do we attempt the sort of grid you're speaking of? Do we try to interview witnesses under oath? Do we write articles on the uses and abuses of eyewitness testimony? Do we simply give our attention to public education so that people will hear more about the eyewitnesses whose reports we already possess? I feel we're a bit directionless at the moment.

Key Point

I think you've nailed the key point when you wonder aloud about "...the most fruitful next step...." We agree it could be useful, but you and I and many others before and after have figured out that the official 9/11narrative fails in the absence of any additional tools or evidence.

Maybe we all need to think about how best we can apply leverage to what we already know. This is what I'll be thinking about.


Why not just ask the government?

When the government detailed events prior the 9/11 they said: "THE SYSTEM WAS BLINKING RED." Richard Clarke,the National Security Council (NSC) counter terrorism coordinator, "mentioned to National Security Advisor Rice at least twice that al Qaeda sleeper cells were likely in the United States." (Source: The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States)

As you know, a task force made up of elements from elements of the NYPD and the CIA has recently been spying on American Muslims in New York City and surrounding states and they came up with nothing. This "sweep" included New Jersey, home of the blind sheikh and they came up empty handed. Now, The Department of Homeland Security is in the news for its on going "intelligence failures." Says a recent Congressional Report: “[Our] investigation discovered that the fusion centers often produced irrelevant, useless or inappropriate intelligence reporting for the DHS, and many centers failed to produce any intelligence whatsoever...” (Source: Examiner.Com)

As you of course know, Islam and its concomitant communities such as Arabs, Iranians, Afghans and others are very close knit both by religion and other cultural influences such as tribalism, family, hawala, social networking etc. So were there any Islamic terrorists working independently and not under secret cover of the government there would be strong associations with the Islamic community at large but that doesn't seem to be the case at all. The NYPD and CIA and DHS have found no networks. Surely, if their were "sleeper cells" or other affiliated networks something would turn up. So they all made a clean getaway? What about the ill or the infirm, none of these were left behind? What about the brother-in-law of a terrorist or a friend of a friend with a slip of the tongue? We see none of that. As far as getaways go, what if the "network" was shut down and these terrorists got marooned, precipitously? There has been no direct evidence of Muslims in the U.S. having any relations with terrorists. This would not be possible in a real world scenario as people have relationships they can't control such a family for a good example. Let's ask the government: where are the sleeper cells?