Truthout Recognizes Colorado Public Television's Success in Airing of "Experts Speak Out" posted an article yesterday (Sat., 29Sept12) describing the success of Colorado Public TV 12's airing of the "Experts Speak Out" documentary. The article also made the headlines on the website (a subsidiary of Truthout). Here is a link to the article: . The writer points out that supporters of the film are asking public TV viewers everywhere to ask their local PBS station to air the documentary.

The Article on TRUTHOUT!

A Brick Wall of Huh???

I scanned through the comments at Truthout , I am not familiar with their work but R.L. McGee intimates that they are gatekeepers when he compares them to another publication by stating: "another 9/11 truth censor, Counterpunch, ...." This perplexed me because I found the comments quite supportive of the Truth side leaving me to believe that Truthout was holding out on their readers. What I find perplexing about that is not that they would gate-keep but the overwhelming attitude of the readers is so out of step with the editorial policy that it seems that the readers could and would somehow be able to reshape it. It is one thing to have a CNN or something, with a three minute segment on Iran, another on floods in Bangladesh, and yet another on a hurricane in Texas; in that example it is easy to steer around the truth because the whole show moves on a careening path. But to have a publication aimed at telling the truth and a majority of readers who know what that is and still have that publication avoid it seems,to me, a little odd. No, I am not naive and I know that censorship happens all the time but here we are talking about what in the industry is called a single focus magazine and the lack of 9/11 Truth content would be readily apparent. Probably many issues of Time go by without a blurb about Lady Gaga but if she were not mentioned in Variety or Billboard this would readily be apparent in the breach.

Inching Toward A Brick Wall of Huh???

One of the things that I did notice on the Truthout comments which bears discussion is 9/11 Truth Orthodoxy . Everyone knows the argument: stay on the path or we'll lose our audience. The idea is that anything off the beaten path like: "we were attacked by the Planet Jupiter," will lead to exclusion from the central debate. By suggesting that Jupiter was behind it you have ostracized yourself because everyone knows that there is no life on Jupiter; or they don't have an Air Force, or they are in the Confederation or whatever. What is telling about these exchanges, and you can check me out, is that they are not rational but emotional. If you then suggest the towers were brought down by, say, distilled kitten piss from which electrons were removed from every third molecule, that too is verboten.

I have this condition, unfortunate for me, called benign positional vertigo . I can and sometimes do lose my bearings. One of the things that is unfortunate about it is that it can look just like agoraphobia. I can freak out in the grocery store and have to go home. A lot of conditions are like that, one masking the other. For example: what is the antecedent condition, Irish or alcoholic? What matters is that the first you can't do much about as it is mechanistic and locked perhaps within the Irish Modal Haplotype and the other, somewhat more complex, is riddled with behavior and social conventions. So, it is often difficult to unlock certain problems as they are masked by other obfuscating complexes.

Clue: game of...... I have a friend that loves board games. She thinks that they are a nice social outlet. I have to decline playing with her, and it makes me sad, because the games make me miserable to the extent that they will drive me to drink. This is because of vertigo. Looking down at the list you have to keep and then looking at the board repeatedly will trigger vertigo in me and it is very stressful. The solution to the game is quite discreet, it could be that: it was Professor Plum, in the Library, with the candlestick . For me the solution can turn emotional as it is dizzying for me to keep up with the list using a pencil stub and keeping up with other distractions. The answer, as I said, is discreet; yet to find the answer you have to repeatedly go through every iteration and to me every vertiginous iteration, all of which are wrong, until the conclusion. The errors are part of the game every solution save the ultimate is wrong and yet this in no way prevents the progress of the game but is part of it, part of the process.

Revealed: A Brick Wall of Huh???

Huh, what did you say? I was working in an auto factory. A woman from the paint department remarked at lunch on my Ziploc® bag that held my sandwich, the one with the colored Smart Snap® seal. This has a blue and yellow stripe and when sealed it turns green. "Watts, that," she said, and I explained it. Her response was: "de lawd! they must be somthin' to that!" (that is how they speak in Tennessee) And she worked in the paint department mixing colors some of which were quite subtle. So were you to put forth the proposition to her that 9/11 was an inside job you would probably get: "do watt?" (another genuine idiom). I'll see your five and raise you ten: In poker the outcome is also discreet, you are up or you down you win or you lose and your opponent may be bluffing; also you don't always know the truth if you fold. In an ideal world you could propose the Anionic Kitten Piss Theory and be met with a check or a bet as in poker; this we call discourse. I'll see your Kitten Piss and raise you a Jupiter Air Force. Noting wrong here, at least we are talking. That is an ideal world but in our little world... to borrow a phrase from the hack painter Bob Ross (requiem in pacet) that is not what you get. You get: "de lawd," or "huh" or "that's crazy talk." And here is the Brick Wall of Huh: SAT Reading Scores Are the Lowest They've Been in 40 Years. And of course once you tease out the negative influences that push these scores down, like class and income, you have to tease them back in again, if even arbitrarily, because you have to know: its true, huh!


Truth Out is a big deal! This is a major breakthrough to progressive or 'alternative' media and shows the power of the PBS story. Here's some info from wiki:

Truthout is a political website aimed at providing another choice to mainstream news sources. It was started after the 2000 presidential election with the idea of, in its own words, "hoping to reach a few people, have some small impact on the dialogue, and maybe try to restore a little integrity."[1] It claims to receive more than 4 million visits per month.[source?]

Some of its authors include William Rivers Pitt, Jason Leopold, Scott Galindez, David Bacon, Dean Baker, Tom Engelhardt, William Fisher, Dahr Jamail, Ray McGovern, J. Sri Raman, Norman Solomon, David Swanson and James Zogby. The website has reported a lot on the anti-war movement and helped to make Cindy Sheehan better known by using many of her writings. Attention is also given to problems including the environment, work (and work ethic), women, health, and voter rights. Its articles are now carried by press release information centers like World News, Scoop Newzealand and California News.

Truthout is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.[1] It has been attacked by some people[who?] for asking for money, when the company took in about $1,500,000 in 2007 and paid Director Marc Ash over $188,000 in yearly bonuses.[2]

Another 9/11 truth censor, Counterpunch, also broke ranks and published Paul Craig Robert's article about the 11th anniversary this month.

With advances

there typically also comes push-back. They could catch some flack for this from among all the other usual suspect's in the gatekeeping alternative media, but I hope that in that case, they will show themselves able, at last, to withstand the heat.

Re Counterpunch, can it really be said to have 'broken ranks'? Editor Jeffrey St. Clair included some comments preceding the Roberts' 9/11 anniversary piece, which reaffirmed their established editorial stance regarding the truth of 9/11, and basically said they were making an exception in this one case merely as a 'present' to Roberts, for having been such a 'good sport' in putting up with all their censorship of his views on 9/11 all this time.

Good call...

"Experts Speak Out" on MPBN

More good news: Maine is set to become the second state to broadcast "Experts Speak Out" on PBS, as Lynn Bradbury convinced Public Television Maine, MPBN, to follow suit and do the right thing.

Headline of the future? We hope

Be sure to see the correction in thymesup's comment below.

Correction: Not a done deal

MPBN has not yet agreed to show ESO. I got an email from people congratulating Lynn for having already lined this up. Sorry about that. Best of luck, Lynn.

Comments are...

far more encouraging here. Great article.

eso in maine?

whoaoo! better slow down here!!! my fault, sorry to say (lynn bradbury here). i sent maine public broadcasting the following letter/email today (yesterday?) (all their staff/board members). unfortunately, guess i should have added the "?" after my subject line which said "eso on mpbn!" because rl mcgee has misunderstood and thinks it's already accomplished. darn! i meant it to grab the board's attention like kind of a cheer! of course, the letter is REQUESTING them to please follow colorado's shining example. geez...maybe they'll be shamed into it, but i wouldn't hold my breath. here it is:

Greetings Maine Pubic Broadcasting Network/MPBN;

It may or may not have come to your attention by now that Colorado Public Television has in recent years been a shining example of true journalism in this country. Though I live in Maine, my preference in public tv bumper stickers salutes Colorado !!!

Unlike any other public tv or radio station in the country (to the best of my knowledge)* they stand alone in honestly covering the crucial-to-democracy topic of 9/11 truth in all its scientific glory and well-credentialled reason. Admittedly there are bogus crazies 'out there on the web,' but it's not that difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, really, if you want to exercise your own powers of reason. Which as journalists you should! And besides, even the so-called newspapers of record have been too ignorantly or by design remiss on too many topics important to a well informed public, to quibble over whether every single body involved in such an important movement as 9/11 truth adheres to the exact same level of research.

It is 'mainstream media's' (of which you are a part) very real sins of omission and commission that account for whatever large ignorance on this topic exists in the American public. Notwithstanding Operation Mockingbird (if you don't know, you could/should know), or former CIA chief Frank Wisner's megalomaniacal (but true?) statement that "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media," true media patriots should stand on their own to do what is right. Thus, the salute to CPTV.

In the past few years Colorado Public TV has aired the 9/11 widows' documentary "Press for Truth," "Blueprint for Truth" by Architect and Engineers for 911 Truth founder Richard Gage, "Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup," and most recently Gage's
"Experts Speak Out," which has broken records nationally for viewer audiences and website hits. No matter how the national public tv relations meisters try to spin it. Plus, but only incidentally, their courage, vision, and intelligence in choosing to be open minded and show 'another side' /the real story, instead of just the official one, each time has garnered significant positive website commentary and financial support from a public dismayed by the timidity of 'regular media.'*

We see that the emperor has no clothes even if you do not.

Please, air "Experts Speak Out." And, please let me know if and why you won't. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (of which you are a part) website states "Our obligation to stations is to insulate them from the political process, and to ensure that their receipt of federal support in no way interferes with their ability to operate as free and independent broadcasters, as prescribed by law.

Lynn Bradbury

* "CPT12 was the first US broadcaster and PBS station to air content addressing alternative theories and suppressed news about the events of 9/11.
CPT12’s U.S. premiere broadcast of 9/11: Press for Truth in June 2009 was a successful fundraiser, but not without controversy. The station received many viewer responses, pro and con, nationally and internationally. Bernson welcomed the debate, noting, “CPT12 has always supported airing alternative voices that have received censorship in the mainstream media.”

9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (F...By ae911truth| 1 video
9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out (F...By ae911truth| 1 video
(these appear in the email as actual links)

truthout comments purged

sisterlauren • 5 hours ago • parent −
Total document destruction.
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lb: (wonder if this is the one destroyed or if she put another one up? i'll be surprised if this /hers with susan lindauer link remains. shall keep an eye on it.

sisterlauren • 4 hours ago • parent −
The debate about torture is not a distraction from "real crimes."

Torture is a crime, it is real. I find the assertion that torture is not a real crime to be very offensive and in line with the idea rape isn't real. Torture is an important part of the fascist takeover and 9/11 cover up.

Why do you think so many reporters went along with what was obviously a made up official story? I think they knew what happens to people who rock the boat, they get tortured. I'm a good example and not the only one. Look up what they did to Susan Lindauer. Listen to what she has to say about the drugs they tried to give to her. Skip the guy introducing her,

Extreme Prejudice - CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911Truth

This actually happens to real people, it is a real crime to them and the people who love them. I'm really shocked you think it doesn't matter. Wow.
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mine was also removed twice so far (at first they seem to go up, but later have been removed. lots of good links see below
dan; just saw your great comment at truthout to which i responded with what is below, as well RE-putting it below the 'thymesup'one liner they left of original. (i am 'thymesup" or "lynnb) look below this comment for another not at truth out

"the following was put on a couple of days ago and then removed leaving only the one liner about kevin ryan above. please leave it in this time. thanks. lynnb :
"by all means watch 'experts speak out' for your self, (free one hour version on youtube if you have trouble with colorado tv website) produced by achitect richard gage.nationally, pbs lacks guts and integrity. thank heaven for colorado public tv's many successful efforts in recent years to educate the public about what all americans should be aware: the excellent videos 'blueprint for truth, 'loose change 911 an american coup,' 'press for truth' about the courageous 'jersey widows' who fought long and hard to get the american govt to even have an investigation (farce that most of it was).google fired underwriters laboratory chemist/whistleblower kevin ryan and his series of articles re the 'tenants and demolition access at the wtc."
visit, journalof911studies,, former fbi translator and founder of ae911truth.whistleblower sibel edmonds',; there were plenty of whistleblowers; your 'normal' news sources just haven't been telling you, or about the 1700 architects and engineers who've signed a petition demanding a real, scientific investigation with subpoena power."