Ed Asner Questions 9/11 on CBS Sunday Morning- Sept 30, 2012


"But in addition to acting, Asner has another passion: Politics. He feel his activism ended up getting 'Lou Grant' canceled.

He became President of the Screen Actors Guild, but created controversy with his liberal stances.

Even today, Asner is taking on hot-button causes, arguing against Israeli settlements in the West Bank, and narrating a video that questions official accounts of what happened on 9/11.

"No one wants to hear destruction of the American myth that some elements of government were involved in 9/11," Asner said, asking, "Why did it take an hour for the strongest nation in the world to get planes in the air - for an hour?"

"You underestimate incompetence?" Braver asked.

"I guess it was all around that day," he replied.

"Do people say to you, 'Okay, this guy is kind of a talented nut job'?"

"Yeah, but I'm old enough that I can say, Yeah, yeah, yeah ..."

The INTERVIEW is here Cannot Embed

Shows Building 7 coming down on CBS!

I think this is the first time since Geraldo's show that a national TV program showed Building 7 imploding. Also shows Asner narrating about "Architects & Engineers." That's pretty sweet -- you gotta admit.

Could someone edit this video to show the 5:02 - 6:28 mark and then try to embed it on youtube?

All I know to do

Sock Puppets

A few supporting comments but the sock puppets are out bad mouthing Ed.

I was over at the Guardian trying to add some suitable comments to the Claire Danes interview - how she'd become all patriotic after 9/11 - and not only were my comments marked as unsuitable. Multiple threads of discussion from pro-truthers and people getting interested in the subject were completely cleared from the page. Those Gate Keepers and Sock Puppets are real keen to make sure that no-one else gets interested in the most important event of the 21st Century...

Nice Post

Nice little video and I found it refreshing to see a legitimate play on Broadway which is often rightly called Iowa on the Hudson for its déclassé and pandering musicals.

interviewer Rita Braver

graduated from Wellesley College in 1969 with Secretray of State Hilary Clinton

I lived in a dorm at Wellesley 1971-72, officially I lived there, no less.

Think Ol' Hil Baby is checking out Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 as we speak?

Don't hold your breath.

If it was incompetence

Why was no one responsible for the incompetence fired, dismissed, charged, demoted etc?

And if it was incompetence why did the system suffer this incompetence on just this one morning after having functioned so well for decades?


must have a copy of the 'pulled' video