Dr. Ron Paul: "What I fear the most is a false flag"

At a recent Campaign for Liberty rally, Dr. Ron Paul said:

"What I fear the most is a false flag - something happening where one of our ships goes down, or there a plane goes down, and of course it HAD to be the Iranians, you know, for sure, for certain."

www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxXy7n8CVAM 28:00 minute point

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nice guy and well meaning but

seems to me his policies despite abolishing the fed would still have some form of banking obfuscating the currency...not really liberty
for more swerve bill still, swerve ellen hodgeson brown, swerve g edward griffin and go to the don.... mike montagne http://www.perfectedeconomy.org/ftp/mike-montagne-on-tns-radio-archives/mp3/individual-programs/

your eyes will pop out

....;-) in a good way