Corbett Report Radio 231 – More Lies in the Never-ending War on Terror 10/4/12

4 Oct 2012
Corbett Report Radio 231 – More Lies in the Never-ending War on Terror

There are lies, lies and lies galore in the “War on Terror” which, contrary to reports of its demise, is still very much alive and kicking. Tonight we break down some of the latest news on the terror front and expose the lies that back up the whole geopolitical paradigm.

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More Americans support torture to fight terrorism, poll finds

Senate Panels Finds Anti-Terror, Data-Sharing Centers Were Useless

What is a fusion center?

Al Qaeda Responsible for 4 Attacks on U.S. Embassies in September

France will arrest visitors to Afghan terror camps

Car Bombs Rock Syrian City

Surreal: Clinton Pledges $45 Million in Aid to Al Qaeda in Syria

U.S. told within hours Libya attack was probably a planned terror plot, but stuck to ‘protest’ story for two weeks

White House knew Benghazi attack was a terrorist act from day one

Pelosi blames Republicans for terror attack and lax security in Benghazi

Planned US drone attacks in Libya threaten fragile country

US court orders Iran, al-Qaeda to pay $6bn

Huge Cyber Attack On US Banks Allegedly Came From ‘Middle East’

Syria in US MSM

Wow, what a great show that was...

You know, I've watched a tide turn, evidence-wise in a purely anecdotal manner, at some sites on the net. The foremost site on this is Yahoo News. Yahoo is a portal, and headlines come up on the (front) portal page. In the thousands of comments that I have sifted through and in some cases participated in, from a month or two ago to today, the tide has turned. Yahoo is mainstream, albeit net-based and not just an MSM feed. A month ago, "level the place" and "stay out of more war" were popular comments, along with "save the angelic Israelis from the evil Muslims" and all of this. These seemed to be the prevailing forces at the time. Lately, scattered factual comment postings also seems to have had an effect. I'm guessing. OK, something has had an effect, because the tide there appears to have turned. There is a dominant voice lately to the effect of the Western and Israeli bad guys in Syrian affairs. It is my estimation that I have never had as much of an effect upon other readers at a web site more-so than at yahoo. It starts with a million idiots making thousands of idiotic remarks, but appears to change over time, I presume based upon added fact-posts.

In response to the Syria segment in this report, I would guess the propaganda arm lost some ground, as contrasted against the Hilitary arm of the Syria campaign.


Yes, the tide shifts... slowly. It is common at ZeroHedge, for example, for debates on geo-political issues to lean toward the "truth" position.
Keep in mind that though 75%+ of Americans believe JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy, not one major MSM personality endorses that position. The political and power elites know that general acceptance of an alternative, constructed 9/11 means the end of their power. They will lie, deny, obfuscate and hinder in every way they can (and are doing so now). Just look at the battle over a 'kill switch' for the internet, to take just one example.

Pleasantly surprising

'It starts with a million idiots making thousands of idiotic remarks,'

Boy, I can vouch for that--to the point that, typically while looking over yahoo threads, I wind up shaking my head in dismay over what it says for the future of the country. It's as if there are some people who center their lives around advertising their idiocy in yahoo comments threads--expressing themselves solely in blunt assertions, while rational argument seems to be an entirely alien concept to them.

More power to you if you'be been able to stick around these threads long enough to notice such changes for the better.