The USS Cole: Twelve years later, no justice or understanding


Bin Laden link

after years of research I found one link indeed pointing to bin Laden: It was the affidavid on Able Danger by Scott Phillpott:

Phillpott had a very good group of analysts, one of whom already was warning that Yemen represented a real danger point. The Cole bombing occurred two days later. After the bombing, Admiral Steffens (sp?) asked Phillpott to do forensic link analysis and generate a timeline hypothesis. Al Zandani was linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda, which Phillpott's database showed to be providing funds. In addition, the Aden Container Terminal-where the bombing took place-had a minority (49%) owner who was linked to UBL.
Phillpott sent his analysis to Centcom but nothing happened. (!!!!) He then clashed with his new boss, who was not cleared to see everything in Phillpott's program. The boss forced Phillpott to transfer back to Tampa, ending (!!!!) his involvement in the program, which Raytheon has continued to develop as "Genesis."
Phillpott thinks DIA is not exploiting all the data at its proposal, and especially is missing an opportunity to do language mapping. (Phillpott believes UBL has
considerable influence over the French.) Mitre Corp. (DOD contractor) now is in charge of the program, in which Phillpott no longer is involved.

Now, Bodine obstructed the FBI investigation, O'Neill and Ali Soufan. The CIA and NSA obstructed the investigation by never telling the FBI of bin Attash. The yemeni government obstructed the investigation, too. It was all along protective cover for the terrorists.

And only days before 9/11, with John O'Neill leaving the FBI, they went back in for the Cole investigation. And after 9/11 Ali Soufan was able nearly immediately to discover all the links...

About when

Regarding the frustrations encountered by Phillpott in getting his superiors to act, I wonder--would that have been in the closing months of the Clinton administration, or was it after Bush had taken office in January 2001?

Revealing information

This is another very good article by Kevin Ryan. Easy to read, and a real eye-opener. The USS Cole bombing looks a lot like a false-flag attack to me.

Thanks, SS

I received some good comments on this from Cole victims' family members.

And this from author Joseph Trento:

"Kevin has done an important service with this article. Arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian told me the explosives used in the attack had the same blast pattern as an anti-ship missile. He stated flatly that Iran was producing such missiles in huge numbers at the time of the attack."