NIST-Naudet-CUMULUS-Release: A forgery!

German researcher HerrKoenig recently discovered a forgery within the NIST CUMULUS Data-release, in the case of the WTC 1 collapse sound.

Listen yourself: This one was taken from the Naudet documentary DVD, by extrating the sequence to WAV and converting it into MP3-Layer3, 320kbps, 48.000 Hz with AVS Audio Converter 7.1.

This is from the NIST-release:

As you can hear, both sounds are very different. What does this mean? The NIST Naudet video release was of very pool quality, and this was astonishing, because they did have an original high quality digital file (DV), converted it to VHS level, and by this way, one can forge the audio and time stamp and so on, as I was told. So this poor quality release delivers the methology to forge the audio. We can conclude that most likely there was something on the original DV-sound, both the Naudet brothers and NIST do not want us to hear.
Why should NIST have forged the Audio at all? Only because THEY KNEW the Naudet brothers edited the sound beforehand, and with releasing the original DV-sound, explosions may be heard, so the need to hide it.

The same goes for the WTC 7 collapse sound, which the Naudets edited, too.

The Naudets/James Hanlon edited the CBS-recording of the WTC7-collapse:;v=eORGPHfBnhI

NIST-Version #1 (with Boom-Sound):;v=BZIgcA7I9a8

NIST-Version #2 (without Boom-Sond):;v=bxur-UJpDLI

achimspok found out in 2009, too, that the sound seems to be edited:

So, we do remember, the only "evidence" why WTC 7 was not a controlled demolition, presented by NIST, was the claim no loud explosion sounds can be heard. With the possibility at hand that the audio sounds may have been edited and with so poor audio sources of the WTC 7 collapse overall, this claim seems to be quite bizarre. With this video, maybe the only one unedited at all. and the only one with the seconds before the penthouse collapse recorded, a loud Bah-Boom can be heard, NIST claims is in fact totally ridiculous.

As I understand, "kawika" contributed to HerrKoenigs efforts. Red Dwarf contributed to my understanding of the audio converting process. Special thanks to HerrKoenig who discovered the forgery. It's the cover-up stupid! We should immediately call out NIST to release all tapes in the highest available quality, unedited and unaltered. As I learned 85% of all the tapes did have no right audio channel. If they do not comply they have something to hide!

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Have never heard these booms

Have never heard these booms that people talk about. Just sayin'.