research on the recent Denver massacre by my friend Adam Coate

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In no particular order here are the things I feel are the most important in casting reasonable doubt on James Holmes' guilt.

1) No means to carry out crime. James Holmes had never gone to a shooting range before. Clearly the 90 seconds total shooting time stated by Oates isn't realistic. However, even if we assume the shooting lasted 3 minutes (which seems to be true), an AR-15 semi-automatic can shoot 50-60 rounds per minute unless you're really good. Also keep in mind shotgun rounds were shot as well in this (a non-auto shotgun), which obviously has a much slower rate of fire. So I estimate the maximum number of shots that could've been fired by James Holmes at around 100. With 70 victims, that would put his accuracy at 70%. Also, a shotgun has lots of recoil, and an inexperienced marksman like Holmes would have struggled with it.

2) No motive. The only motive seems to be gun control, among other things. Obama still supports bringing back the assault rifle ban. This seems to be him doubling down on the failure of his Fast and Furious black op.

3) Duplicate equipment found. This means James Holmes wasn't the only person in the vicinity wearing equipment matching the suspect description. Four total gas masks, and this police scanner excerpt seems to confirm the gas masks were there BEFORE police arrived, which is important as the lead detective on the case tried to claim to me the extra gas masks were left by emergency personnel.

“…is that a suspect? Yes we have rifles, gas masks, (he is detained right now)…”

Possible duplicate armor (the lead detective wouldn't tell me whether or not Holmes was brought in wearing his armor):

Second-hand witness account saying someone in jail saw him brought in strapped to a wheelchair wearing his armor:

Four gas masks:

At 4:00 mark, a gas mask by rear right car tire:

At 2:12 mark, one can be seen among the gear:

4) Conflicting shooter descriptions, possible suspects seen fleeing scene. Real shooter(s) could've stripped off equipment, gasmask, and ran away.

Aurora PD
(this is the very first description, given right after they found James Holmes)
One of the shooters might be wearing a white and blue plaid shirt

Aurora PD
Suspect's saying he's the only one, getting conflicting suspect descriptions from witnesses.

Aurora PD
We need to quickly get suspect descriptions because we got conflicting descriptions, want to make sure we aren't looking for anybody else.

Arapahoe County Sheriff
Getting a quasi update, not sure of the actuality of it. Possibly 3 suspects, in black and fatigues, I'm not sure about the special details or whether they have shooters in custody yet.

Arapahoe County Sheriff
We're also getting a report of a possible second shooter, but we don't know where.

Colorado Mutual Aid / Blue SE
Aurora cruiser 49
Talking to people making statements, it sounds like we had two shooters, one who was in theater 8 seated, another one who came from the outside into theater 9. Sounds like it was a coordinated attack.
Code 4, I just wanted to share if we had any information on if there is possibly two shooters.
Negative, I have no news break, every unit on blue SE, possible second shooter still at large

Aurora PD
Construction worker said someone came booking out of the parking lot with a red backpack, headed towards Alameda.

Aurora PD
Also have a male dressed in black with black backpack headed NE (towards Alameda as well)

Aurora PD
We have an RP calling in, he thought he saw a vehicle fleeing the scene of the shooting, it was an older cop type car, primer gray with tinted windows, driving at a high rate of speed going to I-225. But that was two hours ago.

5) Found in car? Drugged? This will come out with the arrest affidavit. There's the police scanner quote saying, "Is that the dude in the white car nearby?". Along with the same secondhand witness account as above:

6) No witnesses can place James Holmes in the theater. Corbin Dates reported the guy who opened the door had a goatee (although the lead detective says Corbin Dates said this to get his 15 minutes of fame). Corbin Dates also said the shooter was 5' 8" or 5' 9", while James Holmes is 5' 11". Corbin Dates was right by the shooter so he had a pretty good look at him.

7) All character witnesses seem to describe James Holmes as a laid back guy who never got angry. Nobody described his mental state as deteriorating. He doesn't fit the profile of a mass murderer.

8) Ballistics reports could show that one person couldn't possibly have carried this out. Absolute maximum shots would have to be slightly over 100. Much more than that would imply more than one shooter.

9) James Holmes was seen with someone else by his apartment just hours before shooting. This person could've been a part of the crime, and might have set James Holmes up. He was described as a short, stocky white male. The shooter was described by Corbin Dates as 5' 8"-5' 9", could this be the real shooter?

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Are you aware of this :

"Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system. Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models."